3 x Spring Wardrobe Staples



Wont be fussy with the material or print but anything plaid/gingham will work wonders with so many other wardrobe pieces. A sturdy shirt also begins to double up as a jacket without the fear of overheating when the temperature finally nips the chill in the bud. They'll also win you over with the layering versatility, underneath dungarees, pinafores or even a band tee!🤩

This one was very kindly gifted to me from a company called Rebellious Fashion & the monochrome couldn't be anymore perfect for complimenting contrasting patterns & tones. From the pictures above, I combined two plaid prints & mashed them together to create this very chic, super laid back look to totter around the city in. Comfort is the KEY!


Never did I ever think I would be recommending a cardigan.. EVER. I use to despise them, especially when I was a teenager going through puberty, my body ever changing & no matter how hard I tried, cardigans looked revolting on me. However, 2020 was the year I allowed my walls down to give the knitted treasures another go.. bingoOoOoo! I simply adore 'em. Who'da thought after almost 10 years, I actually quite like the button up beauties. However, I still think it all depends on the silhouette. For me & my body shape, I have to either go oversized or boxy & not a chunky material. I also have vivid hauntings of those waterfall style ones that rocked the highstreet back in 2012.. so they're a massive no from me.

Here we have a graffitied design, oversized fit & the perfect chunk cardigan from ASOS - one that caught my eye & didn't budge from pulling on those heart strings/checkout button. I think just like the shirts, these knitted pieces will be perfect for the warmer weather without becoming a little overbearing in the heat department. They'll be the perfect throw on for the chillier evenings & are far easier to slip on or off than a jumper (think of the freshly styled barnet!).

Floral Dresses;

I know what you're thinking, florals for Spring? Groundbreaking! But they really are a solid choice for the season & I personally can NOT get enough of the print. Having one or two floral prints lurking in the wardrobe can really spruce up an outfit, especially with the layering factor. This one from ChiChi London (*gifted) has the added detail of a print clash, something that makes me super giddy. 

The fit is also insanely gorgeous, it's the one season where you can just about get away with short sleeves on a frock - in the Summer it can be a be a bit of a sweat'fest & in Winter it's beyond bitterly cold that you need all the LONG sleeves you can get your mitts on! So, Spring introduces the cropped/short sleeve & if we keep our fingers crossed in the UK, then we may just have some dreamy weather to rock them. 

Stay tuned for my next 3 staples that'll be dished out in plenty for Spring!🤩


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