The Denim Midi

This is a little bit of a nostalgic throwback for me - it reminds me of the Mum's who would help out at the swimming classes or a tween band who'd accessory one of these denim bad boys up with a pair of spiky space buns. 

.. either way, I didn't think I'd be rocking one before my 30's but here we are!

So, recently the denim midi skirt has sparked some popularity within our well loved high street stores & seems to be sneaking its way back in for a Spring/Summer 21 revival. As I said before, I never pictured myself reaching for one of these gems before now.. but I couldn't stop dwelling with the idea of throwing together a pair of knee high boots & a variety of tees to create that adored 70's aesthetic.

& here we are now!

It's flattering, figure hugging & makes the pins look elongated (hello fave feature EVER!). I'm also weeing with excitement to pair up a chunky pair of sandals for the scorcher months ahead!

I also adore the detailing with the front slit - I think these teeny details are the divide between those 90's stiff denim numbers that didn't do much for our hips. Buttt.. by adding a high waist & a tad bit of contrast stitching, we've got ourselves a real winner baby.

*skirt gifted by Coast Fashion.


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