Let's Talk Loungewear - FEMME LUXE (Gifted)

I think we can all agree that loungewear has sky rocketed to our number one #ootd choice whilst strutting from fridge to sofa during this lockdown. It's comfort, it's stretchy & it looks like you've made a crack at getting dressed for the day. 

So, when Femme Luxe VERY kindly offered to send me a couple of their loungewear pieces, you can only half imagine my pounce at the gesture. I thought loungewear could be the perfect plan to physically tear myself apart from my beloved pyjamas. 

.. & boy was I right.

I finish pouring half a pint of caffeine down my gullet, I throw off the pj's, hop into the shower & then scramble back into a fabulous state of comfort.. hello matching two piece.

I decided to opt for the Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear, a style that isn't usually my 'thang'. Deep v -neckline, a leggings combo & a ribbed fabric finish.. plus, I chose the colour black.

U ok hun?

However, I'm here for it. Like really here for it.

The second garment I picked out from the enormous sprawled out collection, was a little more up my street. We've got that all too familiar pop of colour of course! Anyone who's been following my social media or blog will know all too well how much of a bold colour fanatic I am. Where do I even begin to express my total utter love for a strong colour palette? 

Well, let's start with a gawping fuchsia pink fleece, shall we?

The mint factor about the Pink Zip Up Cropped Fleece is that it doesn't just fall into the sole category of 'loungewear' but can be layered up with your everyday wardrobe staples. Underneath a pair of dungaree's, mix & match with your favourite denim numbers or even with a midi skirt & chunky boots combo.. mmm.

That's the beauty of a solid loungewear piece, especially a sweatshirt or fleece - they double up as an epic piece of outerwear! You can take the comfort of sofa snuggling along with you whilst nipping up the road for those essentials during this bizarre time.

Femme Luxe have a fabulous array of loungewear pieces to suit all our current couch potato'ing needs - my number one hobby right now. Especially when you're feeling bloated & the last thing you need is something tight & uncomfortable digging into all those nooks & crannies.

What a grand idea to treat yourself to a couple of loungewear pieces that can be tucked away in a draw for the next snug sofa Sunday or an all too familiar super cosy, rainy afternoon. 

Plus, they've usually got some sort of cheeky discount code lurking on the site that'll make a loungewear investment even more appealing!

*Gifted Items*


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