But I Don't Want To Socialise

Hear me out - I've found myself slamming into a bit of a socialising wall whilst practicing this whole social distancing thaaaa'ng. Didn't really think that was too possible seeing as due to Government guidelines, we now have to avoid all means of outside physical social interaction - so why the heck am I feeling the strain from social anxiety?

On several occasions, I've found myself feeling pretty trapped at the thought of having to virtually socialise & therefore, I try to avoid the interaction at all costs - throwing in the usual excuses; headache, not feeling too grand, blah blah blah..

You'd think because of lockdown, we would be eager to squeeze in as much social interaction as legally possible without leaving our homes, but for whatever reason this has now run its course for me & I am truly struggling with the motivation to interact.

I've mentioned on my blog previously that I'm a bit of a weird one when it comes to being a social butterfly, sometimes I crave all the attention & other times out of the total blue, I smack into the dreaded anti-social wall where I want nothing more but to be by myself. 

I mean, this bitch of a wall comes out of literally nowhere.

In fairness, I think our brains are playing a bit of havoc on us at the moment as this is a totally alien situation & it's not something I have personally ever experienced in my lifetime - Fully aware that there are FAR worse things to ever experience.

So, is it a bad thing to not want to encourage socialising whilst in lockdown?

Obviously in peculiar times like these, I personally do feel that we need to be a tad bit selfish..

.. that doesn't mean stock piling toilet roll & caster sugar, Karen.

No. When I say selfish, I mean selfish as in trying to ensure that  our mental & physical health is a top priority. When you're isolating, whether that being with your family, a partner, a friend or by yourself, your top priority (in my personal opinion) is your health. Therefore, you need to make sure you do whatever you need to do to keep yourself as 'happy' as you can be. 

Maybe not happy, tad bit more content shall we say?

If socialising is becoming a forceful hobby, then it's not something you're going to enjoy. So why force it? It's almost as though there is a hidden, taboo pressure to keep your social connections buzzing & if you dare skip a Zoom quiz or FaceTime then you feel as though you're letting that friend down.

99% of the time, I guarantee that will not be the opinion of said friend.

As someone who is personally experiencing wanting to temporarily cut off all connections, one thing I can highly recommend is talking. Just communicate with those around you to let them know you're okay but just needing some down time away from the social highlife. 

If anything, our social lives have skyrocketed whilst being in lockdown thanks to the inter-web & therefore, we're as virtually chatty & connected as ever! You may have not seen a bunch of pals for over a handful of months but thanks to a couple of clicks & solved reconnection issues, you're all squished into one chatroom avoiding all discussions of a global pandemic.

Sometimes that becomes a little too much. 

It's a bit like skipping out on catch up dinner plans or drinks, it's not always something you fancy - but it doesn't brand you as a bad friend. There will be plenty of other opportunities to throw yourself back into the socialising whirlwind.

So, for now, just sit this one out.


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