A Positive Post

Woweee.. what a whirlwind of a few weeks it's been for us folk since Covid-19 discovered Europe. We've gone from going about our daily lives to a total lockdown, which in all honesty still hits like a stinging slap & hasn't quite sunk in. Quarantine itself hasn't been too shabby in fairness, for me personally I'm extremely lucky to have a roof over my head & a stash of chocolate hobnobs to see me through, where as I know there are many people living in far worse conditions. 

Seeing as I 1000% class myself as an introvert, you'd think quarantine would be a pure breeze for me. I think being told you're no longer allowed to wonder the streets whenever you fancy or nip to the shop for a Twix is making my introvert ways a little tricky. When such luxuries are taken from you, it no longer seems so lush having a day spent inside from the comfort of your own room. 

For me, that's what makes me nervous. Not having your usual freedom - a total first world problem, I know. 

As I am a very paranoid individual, the worst thing I can find myself doing is scrolling through news article after news article. Yes, this is happening within our world & yes, it's incredibly terrifying. 

But for someone who spends 60% of their everyday life stressing unnecessarily (just for lol's), the worst thing I could then do on top of that was to focus my energy on the negativity.

That's not to say ignore the truth about what is happening within the world but it's making sure you don't spend all of your time & energy absorbing every single word that social media or news articles throw at you.

Avoiding the negative doesn't make you ignorant.

This is the first major world event that has ever effected me personally & it's the first time life as we know it has stopped. Obviously, there have been many disasters & catastrophic events occurring daily around the world within the last 27 years I've been alive, however I've been incredibly fortunate enough to not experience those first hand - this, however, is my first. 

I've found myself comforting friends (& myself) by explaining that it's totally okay to be feeling overwhelmed & anxious at this current moment in time as these emotions are brand spanking new to us all. It's all pretty alien at this point & it's all bout focusing on each day as it comes rather than overthinking into a downward spiral of 'well, we're probably going to be locked up until June'.

It's a totally unknown time & no one knows what to expect.

Which is why I'm emphasising the importance of sticking to the positive news & holding out for the light at the end of the tunnel.

I only allow myself to read the news from the BBC as this is a trusted source in my eyes - when I was still working out in Spain 3 weeks ago, this was the one website of information I kept my beady eyes on to track all updates on UK lockdowns & flight groundings. Since then, I daily check the 'World' and 'Europe' pages for updates  as I find the BBC don't usually jam terrifying headlines down your throat.

.. again, not great for us paranoid folk over here, hun.

Another source is called The Happy Broadcast - they have social media accounts on both Facebook & Instagram & continue to post regular updates about positive facts & figures. They are a total breath of fresh air! I couldn't recommend following them enough if you're continuously on the hunt for a little less negativity. Not only do they focus on the Coronavirus, but they touch on other subjects such as the environment & animal rights.

Yayaya for happy news!

I've also read recently that we shouldn't look at the current situation as being 'stuck' at home but rather 'safe' at home. It's such a refreshing outlook on the circumstances & totally transforms the meaning of quarantine. The reason we're staying at home is to help save lives & support our health care systems that are battling through this pandemic.

I've decided to get stuck into a teeny daily routine that supports both my mental & physical health. I've also become relaxed with the idea of acquiring a little chub here & there as let's be honest, you can't just have one hobnob from the packet. 

& finally, I'm focussing on each day as it comes. For me, I overlook & overthink scenarios way too frequently, so for my own sanity - I'm taking it one day at a time. 

Stay safe chips & chipettes!


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