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A Mini Brunching Guide; Valencia

It was obviously only a matter of time until I mashed two of my favourite things together to make one teeny blog post; brunching & Valencia. & trust me, I know a great deal about some gurrrrd brunch spots! So, if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend hitting one of these bad boys up;

Federal Cafe.

I still have very vivd dreams about this gorgeous brunching hotspot.  Nestled in the heart of Valencia (near the cathedral), we have an incredible menu rammed with the all time favourites; French toast, pancakes, eggs & everything on toast, porridge, cereals & pastries to name a few. 

For me, it was the French toast that made me weak at the knees - the sweet dish was accompanied by a side scoop of salted caramel sauce, a smothering of raspberry compote & a scattering of roasted almonds. If you're on the hunt for a breakfast that'll 1000% slip you into an incredibly delightful food coma, then I think you may have found your heavenly match.
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