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Reflecting & Prepping For 2020

My GAAAD - where the heck has the year disappeared to? Classic, classic comment.

So, we're heading into a new year & also a new decade .. crikey. I did the trendy 'at the start of the decade vs now' scenario over on my Instagram, seeing as it's currently doing the rounds on social media. When you think about the first photo from 2009, it really is insane to think how different life was back then - without sounding horrendously corny. For me, I was about to graduate from secondary school & all I could think was wtf am I going to do with myself now.

My aspirations included becoming a carbon copy of The Hills cast, collecting every colour of the 'waterfall' cardigan from New Look & of course, growing my Sims community. 
Unfortunately, none of the above were ever accomplished. 
Instead, I scurried off to college & tackled a Musical Theatre diploma.. lol.

Personally, I think it's important to regularly stop & think about your journey, what you'…