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Pre-Birthday Whirlwind

Don't get me wrong, my birthday is probably my most favourite celebration of the year- asides from Christmas. I'm a November baby so my birthday is all about cosy, sparkly, piping hot food & social celebrations! I'm also one of those extremely annoying people who hosts an official count down to their birthday, who constantly pipes up with 'it's my birthday soon' in-between any awkward silences. 

But I've noticed I seem to have pretty major mood swings within the countdown to my big event.

It's a real concoction of mixed emotions; obviously thrilled at throwing a celebration, a tad bit nervous on the age factor, eager at the new chapter ahead, skeptical on the expectations that accompany your shiny new age & a wee bit sad of the chapter you're leaving behind.

For me, the age factor has never been a real issue. As humans, we're all ageing & it's something that is impossible to combat. However, I think we fear the age label far more th…