Staying Relevant Whilst Travelling

Whilst working abroad, I'm sometimes hit with the struggling knock on the old content creating & growth as a blogger. I suppose I could blame a number of things; the time zone difference that shunts me out of my regular routine (I mean, an hour makes all the difference, right?..), or the classic dodgy WIFI, or the fact that I don't have all my tools to create 'decent' content, or maybe because no one finds a coffee/pastry flatlay interesting, or..

.. maybe I'm just lazy.

But one thing is for sure, staying relevant whilst travelling is a tricky old bugg*r. 

Now, I know I'm not living the backpacker life (this lucky sod has hot water & a foamy mattress on hand) but I would still consider myself to be travelling. I'm living outside of my home country, we're on the move daily around Spanish soil - discovering the delights of the surrounding towns/villages/mountains & I technically do live out of a suitcase..

It's just unpacked.

Most content creators rely on the beauties of social media to exercise their creativity & showcase their passions. But with all these algorithm's & squeezing in your content amongst the fellow passionate uploader's, engagement is pretty much like gold dust. 

Is it possible to keep bobbing along quite nicely?

When I first begun touring, I remember stressing out so unnecessarily if I hadn't uploaded every single day, which after typing that out makes me sound like a complete douche. I would honestly panic if my content backlog was becoming thin & therefore, snap away at anything on hand that would pass as a 'decent' addition to Instagram.

I wasn't too bothered about the quality of my content but more the quantity. Surely if I was uploading daily then I would be scraping in heaps of engagement? 

No honey.

After being back for round two of tour, I've learned to slow down & roughly spend about 10-15 minutes throughout the day engaging & discovering other creators. This way, I'm keeping myself active on social media & I'm uploading content that I'm half chuffed with (..& probably won't delete at a later date).

*Total first world problems right there.*

Let's be honest, it's a two way street.

There's also the reality that my content will change whilst travelling & that it's okay to post something a little different than the norm'. My life isn't currently the usual 9 to 5 & therefore, what I post is reflecting my life out in Spain & the highlights of my little touring bubble.

In my opinion, that is far more epic content.

It's not everyones cup of tea but it's mine & it's also my little digital photo album of memories.

Talking of the world, I've drilled it into my ridiculous skull that it certainly won't end if you miss an upload schedule or your engagement is low on a post. I mean, the world survived without your uploading contribution for millions of years.. so ya know.

I've also been cracking down on nailing that much needed blog maintenance. I'm terrible at sitting & conducting regular juicy posts on this funny old blog, but I've made it my mission to get typing so that my posts aren't so sparse.

I am very good at getting distracted & neglecting my writing. I'm still working out the balance between leisure time, where I do explore & get my butt outside but also spending a wee bit of time jotting up a blog post. Regular posts are something that I used to be fairly on top of but that habit seems to of died a measly death. Now'a days I see so many creators publishing several posts a week & I get a tad bit of *FOMO, no ones fault but my lazy own.

*Fear Of Missing Out.

I've begun dabbling in the old video magic - something I was always so self conscious of jumping onboard. But I actually really enjoy talking to the camera? I also find it quite therapeutic just having a wee natter & cutting down the segments into a spruced up fancy video. I guess it breaks down the 2D wall & gives a sneak peak into the personality behind an account. 

I'm always surprised (pleasantly!!) at hearing a persons accent or just their voice in general as I guess it's something you never really think about in too much depth. Even if their bio states they're from the North/South of England or Scotland or even a completely different country, I always find it creepily fascinating to hear an accent I was not expecting. 

Although I am a firm believer of not delving too much of my life/time into social media, I'm also a firm believer of connecting within the online community. I've made a fabulous handful of connections (& yeah, I'd go as far to say friendships) within social media & I feel we equally support each other as fellow content lovers/creators. These friendships/connections are super vital for me as a blogger - what better way to offload when you're all in the same boat?! It also doesn't take more than a few seconds to touch base.

Even though there may be days where you see a plummet of engagement & it's tricky not to be disheartened, just remember that it's really not the end of the world. It's merely a creative platform that sometimes goes through a dodgy patch in terms of dishing out your content to a new audience. If you too are travelling, then just think that your epic adventure should be taking the reins & what you share from that trip is entirely up to you. Don't hesitate posting something in case it 'flops' because it's not your usual content.

Also, don't stress if you're unable to locate a single bar of WIFI - your trip shouldn't involve around your upload schedule. Focus on what you hopped on an airplane for! I'm pretty sure it's not for some 'decent' content.

The more you stress about staying relevant whilst travelling, the more it will dampen your trip for sure. 

Upload when you can/want, upload what you want & be proud of what you are creating!

At the end of the day, there's no point comparing yourself to someone else as there will always be that niggle that they are doing it 'better' than you. 


  1. Social media actually stresses me out, makes me think about content and blog posts just to please others but the whole point of starting a blog for me was to 'store' my memories. And I'm glad you've made friends over the internet, it's one of the most rewarding things a blogger can hope for. And you're right, we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to others, just do what makes us happy (: I enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing!


    1. I couldn't agree more! It's crazy to think we now live in an age where we over think our social media lives & forget to live our 'real' lives? I am so guilty for it & just remembering that posting content is NOT my number one priority & should never overtake the luxury of experiences. Like you said, posting content is purely for yourself & to share with those who also have mutual interests. If it starts taking over, then that's when you need to step back! Thank you for you comment :) & I am glad you enjoyed the post! xo


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