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Staying Relevant Whilst Travelling

Whilst working abroad, I'm sometimes hit with the struggling knock on the old content creating & growth as a blogger. I suppose I could blame a number of things; the time zone difference that shunts me out of my regular routine (I mean, an hour makes all the difference, right?..), or the classic dodgy WIFI, or the fact that I don't have all my tools to create 'decent' content, or maybe because no one finds a coffee/pastry flatlay interesting, or..
.. maybe I'm just lazy.
But one thing is for sure, staying relevant whilst travelling is a tricky old bugg*r.
Now, I know I'm not living the backpacker life (this lucky sod has hot water & a foamy mattress on hand) but I would still consider myself to be travelling. I'm living outside of my home country, we're on the move daily around Spanish soil - discovering the delights of the surrounding towns/villages/mountains & I technically do live out of a suitcase..
It's just unpacked.
Most content cre…