Chopping & Changing

You may have noticed a slight change to my old barnet in the past couple of weeks.. yup, I've had the chop. I was way overdue (3 years  in fact) a hair cut & I had decided that before embarking on my next Spanish adventure, I would be lobbing off the brittle blonde ends that I've accumulated. I mean, they were practically hanging on for dear life..

So, I've lobbed off the hair & settled for a shorter do', which I am incredibly head over heels in love with, something I never thought I'd say. I would always fear the thought of sporting a shorter cut, due to my face shape & also the confidence to pull the darn thing off. But recently I've been having a lot of 'fu*k it, just do it' moments.. 

.. this was one of them.

After a bit of a shitty stormy start to 2019, I've been taking each month as new chapter to moving on with my life & reforming a fresher, happier & more confident version of myself. As mentioned in a previous post, I am very much a dweller & I love dwelling on 'what could have been'. This year, however, I've decided to attempt to leave that old habit sulking in a corner. 

Apart from soaking up my independence & confidence by working abroad, I thought I could also improve myself physically, not for anyone else's approval but my own. I knew I wasn't happy with my outer shell & therefore, I am the only one who can make a switch & do something.

So whilst trekking about in Zara, picking & pulling at garments hung on display, I asked my best friend if she could 'trim' my hair before I left the country. Of course she squealed with delight at the thought of hacking away at my lifeless ends.

It went from a trim to a full on 'hack it off'..

& here is the result.

From a complete resentment of the coloured treatments layered over the years & a cut that had no inspiration other than curled or scrunched into a ponytail - I finally have a fresh, blunt cut that takes practically zero TLC.

It's also FINALLY at a healthy stage, which hasn't been a factor of my hair in YONKS.

I couldn't stop flicking my barnet about in the mirror for days, I was just so used to a limp, lifeless, snappy set of locks & now I finally run my fingers through without the fear of collecting half a head of split ends.

I'm also feeling pretty darn confident. I'm not sure why because my confidence always came alongside longer hair.. however, I know I'm adapting as a person & perhaps this is one of the changes I needed to help myself move on to the next chapter of my life. 

I have to say, it feels incredible to not hide behind my hair , nor rely on it to be my blanket of security. Again, I've mentioned previously that my confidence had hit a rocky road since my break up & therefore I had spent the previous months building it back up brick by brick.

This is for sure the clean cut to the next chapter, who knows.. might get a cheeky new tattoo..


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