Nailing The Backpack - Gaston Luga

Let's talk about swanky accessories shall we? When you get your mitts on a glorious backpack that doubles up as a Tardis whilst oozing elegance & chic, you'd obviously be raving about it from the hills.

For me, backpacks are my comfort & trusty go-to when it comes to the humungous variety of bag styles we have to pick from. They're comfortable for all day swinging on the back, you can store a ridiculous amount of unnecessary crap in them & they are ideal for the everyday commute/running around like a headless chicken.

Whilst touring, I swore by my cheap'ol Primark backpack, which I certainly ran & dragged terribly into the ground. Therefore, when Gaston Luga stumbled into my inbox asking if I would be interested in a collaboration, I felt like the Accessory God's had answered my 'search-for-backpack-number-2' prayers.

I always like to do my homework thoroughly on a brand & Gaston Luga did not disappoint one bit. Their products are simply divine & I was honoured to have been selected as a collaboration partner! In fact, days after our conversation ended, I kept scrolling through their website for 'just one more' sneaky glance at their craftsmanship - I may have also drooled a little. 

Gaston Luga have quoted on their website that their products bridge the gap between 'Fashion & Function' & I don't think they could have hit the nail on the head any harder. Practicality is one of my many down fall factors when selecting bags, I always find myself picking a bag for its aesthetic purpose rather than the usefulness. Although I have all the room for crumpled receipts & half open packets of chewing gum, I can never seem to squeeze all the necessities into my backpack choices.

But it looks cute, so that's dandy.

Gaston Luga have squeezed my picky tastes & thought outside the box for me to create 'the best of both worlds'. A gloriously gorgeous accessory that maintains its overall purpose .. to be a backpack. The style I'm sporting is the Clässy (navy & brown) & I can certainly confirm that 'roomy' is a total understatement. I threw my keys into the thing just over a week ago & I've still not located them.

Obviously kidding - but it is GINORMOUS.

There are two separate compartments within the Clässy, one being the main mothership & the second being a slightly cushioned sleeve for a small laptop or iPad. This is beyond ideal for those dashes where you need to cram your laptop alongside your travels, yet you're pretty reluctant to have it bashed around on the Central Line nor awkwardly balanced under your arm in a foam case.

Stuff it in the backpack & you've got yourself two free hands!

Using vegan leather, the Gaston Luga bags provide a smart, clean & crisp finish to each of their Swedish designs. As sustainability is a highly sought after factor within modern day purchases, it's grand to know that each bag is created by using wearable & resistant resources such as cotton canvas & metal buckles. With such craftsmanship & hardwearing materials moulded into one bag, it's good to know it'll be withstanding the daily thuds & scrapes.

As you can see I've been parading my Gaston Luga buddy all about the town. I even managed to squeeze an entire outfit into my backpack - trainers & all! & I didn't have those razor sharp straps that usually occur with an overweight bag digging into my shoulders.. wha'daaa result! I've even been using a sneaky compartment for my iPod  so that I'm not awkwardly holding the thing when I've chosen an outfit that is seriously lacking pockets. I mean iPod's aren't exactly vintage, but I don't exactly feel down with the kids anymore.

Yay for sneaky compartments!

& in the unlikely event that you've received your Gaston Luga purchase & you decide it's not quite your cup of tea, wipe that sweat from your brow as they offer FREE returns (worldwide)! Yayayaya!

Why the photo of my creepy hand, holding a passport holder in front of a freshly exceptionally dewy bunch of flowers? Well, that would be all down to the fact that Gaston Luga are currently running a campaign where they're giving these bad boys out like hot cakes with every purchase. So, upon making your Gaston Luga purchase, you'll receive either a baby pink or black passport holder that just oozes sophistication & will make you stalk that Easy Jet website for last minute flights.

& finally, probably the most important factor of this whole blog post -  Gaston Luga have very kindly given me a discount code that'll grant you 15% off your next purchase. Use & abuse honey; LMXGL.



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