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Nailing The Backpack - Gaston Luga

Let's talk about swanky accessories shall we? When you get your mitts on a glorious backpack that doubles up as a Tardis whilst oozing elegance & chic, you'd obviously be raving about it from the hills.

For me, backpacks are my comfort & trusty go-to when it comes to the humungous variety of bag styles we have to pick from. They're comfortable for all day swinging on the back, you can store a ridiculous amount of unnecessary crap in them & they are ideal for the everyday commute/running around like a headless chicken.
Whilst touring, I swore by my cheap'ol Primark backpack, which I certainly ran & dragged terribly into the ground. Therefore, when Gaston Luga stumbled into my inbox asking if I would be interested in a collaboration, I felt like the Accessory God's had answered my 'search-for-backpack-number-2' prayers.
I always like to do my homework thoroughly on a brand & Gaston Luga did not disappoint one bit. Their products are simply di…

6 Months Single

No word of a lie - these types of posts are absolutely TERRIFYING to publish. For me, I'm spilling a limited amount of raw emotion into an teeny online space & confronting some cold, hard realities.. 

.. but at the same time, I think it's a healthy way to reflect & lift some of that emotional weight that's been lingering for a little while now. 

So, 6 months single.

In all honesty it doesn't feel like it's even been 6 weeks. If you're new here (hi!), a quick summary is that my boyfriend & I of just over two years broke up back in January & since then it's been a whirlwind of weirdness & mind f*cks to say the least.

Lucky for me, I had an insanely wonderful escape route in the form of working abroad that slotted in a perfect a fortnight after the initial break up. I will forever be thankful of my Spanish adventure popping up at such a needed moment.
After the break up, I was petrified of being by myself & falling back into the 'single&…