The Three Iconic Skirts

Hello beautiful! How's your weekend treating you so far? On the old blog today, I'm nattering all about the three staples of the skirting world.. & we're not talking about carpentry here.

Nope - I'm chatting all about the Mini, Midi & Maxi, three iconic skirts that have had their fair few tragedies & hits throughout the eras but have always stuck by our wardrobes never the less.

Within these three skirts there are of course many different subcategories that delve deeper into silhouettes & styles, which I do touch on a smidge. However, I wanted to mainly focus on the motherships & therefore I'm keeping it all so simple & sticking with the big guns. So, here we have the Mini, Midi & Maxi.. *applause*

Whether it's a-line or pencil, a mini skirt is an all time classic & feature's as a statement piece throughout many a timewarp, popping up from the beloved 60's right through to the present day. 

The endless detail & fastening choices that are combined with the teeny garment make it one of the most fabulous & versatile pieces to style for practically most occasion's (may get a frown or two for black attire tho..). Whether it's tossed together with a pair of tights & boots, or slipped on with a chunky pair of sandals, the mini skirt is practical for those scorchers, damp grey days & even the 'in-between' ones.

 The mini skirt was never really my cup of tea whilst growing up & I certainly would never have been caught dead in one seeing as I was a hardcore jeans girl. My jeans were my security blanket & the thought of baring the old pins was horrific!

But after experimenting with my style across the years & learning to accept my body is what it is, I came round to the idea of wearing a skirt, & in particular a mini skirt. I took out of the equation that you would need the longest legs in the world to pull off the garment & actually began exploring the handful of styles & silhouettes that there were to offer.

For me, a-line is the most flattering style to pair with my slight hourglass figure. I don't have to biggest hips or the teeniest waist, but an a-line skirt creates the curve & definition that enhances what nature gave me.

I also have fairly short legs, longer thighs but shorter calves & therefore, if I wear a skirt that sits just in the bullseye spot of my thigh, it will create the illusion that I have longer pins. A-line also means the silhouette will sit a teeny bit like a triangle from your waist to your thighs & this results in a totally flattering shape for most bodies, as it draws the eye to the tips of the triangle.

May have spotted one or two of these bad boys during their 2018/19 revolution into the glorious high street world. Although they have always been lurking in the shadows of the clothing rails, only recently has the midi skirt popularity really taken the modern day spotlight & not a day goes by where Instagram isn't flooded by the garment styled in a billion ways. 

For me, a midi skirt is the simplest out of the three to style - it rarely looks shit.

Work it with a graphic or band tee, a simple white vest, a clashing patterned shirt or a knitted gem & you've got yourself a LOOK. Again, this garment perfectly compliments an array of footwear, chunky trainers, sandals, western boots, just to name a few. The midi skirt can be spotted once again during most occasions, including festivals, work attire, social events & dare I say formal. 

Hell yeah, we can switch it up for formal.

Just like the mini, the midi skirt has many different arrays of detailing & styles for a kaleidoscope of body types. Because of the length of the fabric, the midi can be experimented to greater lengths in terms of slits to the fabric, patterns, waist height & gathered material to create a twist or knot finish.

Out of the three iconic styles, the midi is the most complimentary & adaptable to body heights due to the length. Even though it may not sit at the same level on a person of 4"2 than a person of 6"1, it will still 9 times out of 10 look pretty damn fabulous by falling somewhere between the calf & the ankle.

Unlike the mini, most midi skirts are there to protect modesty & you will rarely find yourself in the dilemma of flashing due to the material rising up a little shorter than imagined. Therefore, the midi is likely the most desirable out of the three due to practicality. It's also the next fail safe if you too are stuck at the hip with your pair of dreamy jeans & feel a little sleazy hopping off the denim boat.

Must admit - the least favourite out of the three for me. From a personal opinion I find the maxi to be the least flattering, the most hazardous & the most hit or miss garment. It's either far too long or it 's trying to be a maxi, yet failing miserably & becoming an awkward midi.

I rarely have success with maxi skirts & sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of excess material. Being 5"6 & yet intimidated by the sea of fabric that's swallowing up my feet doesn't quite scream confidence for me. It also makes me cry at the thought of clambering down a set of stairs without a neck brace or protective head gear.

However, there is a glimmer of hope & that for me is in the form of an adjustable waist line. If you can hand me a maxi skirt with a tie-up waist or a set of belt loops then I can promise you I am going to attempt to make this bad boy work for me. 

Hoist it up girl..

In a surprising turn of events, a maxi skirt can become a pretty sweet addition to your wardrobe if you do find a gem that isn't going to send you tumbling into an early grave. For me the most flattering length is once again just above the ankle - if my feet are poking out from a huddle of material & there is no sight of a teeny bit of a leg, then I end up looking incredibly stumpy.

I'm also not about the trailing of excess material along the ground, it 110% creeps me out at the amount of grime that's being swept up & stored by my feet.. (lets not forget the amount of spit puddles lingering about, for some reason fallen out of a mouth). Plus, I live in England & therefore the battle of spontaneous rain is constant so no doubt the skirt will become more absorbent than a mop. 

So, long story short - above the ankle is a glorious length for me!

Refusing to turn into a Negative Nancy, I'm going to hit you with a handful of high points that tag along with the maxi skirt;

  • If you're not totally confident with having your legs out but want to take a leap of faith & try something other than trousers/jeans, then the maxi skirt is most definitely one of the next best garment choices, without straying too far.

  • Following my previous point, a maxi skirt can be styled very similarly to a beloved pair of trousers/jeans, so there's no  freak out when it comes to pairing up.

  • They are the perfect addition for a Summer's Day to Night fiasco. Keeps you cool in the scorching sun, providing a shady spot with air flow & warmer in the chillier evenings by doubling up as a blanket, keeping those legs toasty. 

  • They are definitely on the winning streak in the formal occasion department!

Obviously, we could have been here for a heck of a long old time, nattering away about the other designs & subcategories that are all linked with these magnificent styles, but I've just brushed the basics & indulged a smidge into the great lengths that tag along with the three iconic skirts; mini, midi & maxi. 

So, the big fat question - what is your favourite of the three?


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