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The Three Iconic Skirts

Hello beautiful! How's your weekend treating you so far? On the old blog today, I'm nattering all about the three staples of the skirting world.. & we're not talking about carpentry here.
Nope - I'm chatting all about the Mini, Midi & Maxi, three iconic skirts that have had their fair few tragedies & hits throughout the eras but have always stuck by our wardrobes never the less.
Within these three skirts there are of course many different subcategories that delve deeper into silhouettes & styles, which I do touch on a smidge. However, I wanted to mainly focus on the motherships & therefore I'm keeping it all so simple & sticking with the big guns. So, here we have the Mini, Midi & Maxi.. *applause*

Whether it's a-line or pencil, a mini skirt is an all time classic & feature's as a statement piece throughout many a timewarp, popping up from the beloved 60's right through to the present day. 

The endless detail & f…