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Walking Away From A Relationship

Let's just cut to the nitty gritty shall we? Just over two months ago it was a mutual decision for my boyfriend (at the time) and myself to end our relationship of two & a bit years. & yup, it was a pretty shitty time in all honesty. 

There's nothing to sugar coat! 

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that there had been a bit of a shit turn of events but it was far too raw & fresh to start serving out any details so soon. This post isn't going to be a dirt dishing affair as I haven't sunk to that level & nor do I believe it would be fair.

He's not a bad person & he's not solely to blame.

I've also finally perched at a reasonably 'good' part of the break up process & I can now get through several days at a time without belting out to Alanis Morissette, who has been my absolute savior! 
I couldn't recommend 'You Oughta Know' enough if you fancy screaming something extra sassy.

Therefore, I now feel it would be a fair…