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Uprooting From The Comfort Zone

You may have guessed from my Instagram that I currently am not based in the UK, but in fact sunny Spain! & boy, is it a gorgeous country. If you're unaware of this change, then I am baffled that you have escaped the constant spam from my social media of all things glorious & Spanish. 
& if you're not following me at all, do behave & go give me a cheeky follow? Taaa very much..

So why Spain, eh? Well, I am actually working for a Spanish theatre company who specialize in bringing the magic of performance to schools within & around Valencia.
It's actually going pretty swell to say the least, I've eaten a fair share of local paella & guzzled far too many 'radlers', which are lager & lemon soda mixed together into one refreshing concoction.

The shows themselves are sweaty, chaotic & of course unbelievably rewarding.
Whenever I am fortunate enough to bag a performing contract, I'm always reminded why I continue to pursue acting as a pro…