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Dreading Valentines Day After A Break Up

Woohoo! It's that time of the month (not that time) where I concoct together a little post for my much neglected blog. In all fairness, I feel I have a fairly decent excuse this time as I'm currently preparing my life for a whole 5 months living & working out in Spain, I mean.. is that a decent excuse? Probably not to be fair..
Let's approach the elephant in the room shall we? The dreaded Valentines Day ordeal. In recent years it's become a celebratory day for love in general, whether that's love for your pal's, your parent's or the boy down the street who has no idea you exist but you stalk his profile on a daily basis. 

Hey Jimmy, hope your cat's doing well & the media degree is going swimmingly.. (100% kidding).

Whilst scrolling through my archived stories on Instagram I realized the looming date of February the 14th.. which is tomorrow?! I thought this could be a perfect time to address the fact that this will be the first Valentines Day in a c…