It's Okay To Feel Sad

Let's talk about those tidal waves of emotion that creep up out of nowhere & take you tumbling down. The ones where you'll burst into tears just because you felt like it. When you suddenly become overwhelmed & feel that the world is completely against you with a flick of a switch. So, Get yourself comfy, grab a hot beverage of some sort & let's have a chat about how it's okay to feel sad.

In reality, we all get sad at some point or another. We're human. Some may feel sad or down more frequently than others but at one point in our lives, sadness will overrun the emotion bank.

For me, I'm pretty positive 80/90% of the time & humor is my power source. Whether that's making a person laugh, cracking an odd joke in an awkward situation or almost pissing myself with laughter whilst with utterly hilarious company. 

That doesn't rule out the possibility of a streak of sadness smacking me in the face completely out of the blue & leaving me feeling like total utter crap & deflated.

When these spells unexpectedly strike, I've taught myself to take a total time out & tackle the little fu*ker head on. There's not much point questioning the exact reason as to why I feel so shit because the chances are it could just be hormonal.

A lot of the time, I bottle my emotions up & they end up flooding out at the strangest of moments. I totally blame being a Sagittarius, tbh.

It's also okay to just accept that you're having one of 'those' days & that you're going to feel shit. As long as you work through it, I personally don't see the harm in a little self indulgence & of course acceptance of a crap feeling. 

I've learned that there's no point in convincing yourself that these feelings don't exist because they will never go away all the time they're ignored.

I'm no specialist but I found a handful of methods that I use to battle through & accept that I'm just feeling sad, not necessarily for a specific reason but just because it's something my body needs to process. 

Music help's a heck of a LOT.

It's creepy how music can change a mood from one extreme to the next. I can sit & cry my eyes out to 'Landslide' - Fleetwood Mac one moment & be attempting to spit lines out alongside Eminem during 'Toy Soldiers'.

Yes, that is how erratic my music taste is.

I find it so comforting to have a good cry. Sometimes you just need to sit in silence & let your emotions go. Crying helps. I stick on one of my favourite tunes & just let my eyes flood. Or, sometimes I YouTube the 'saddest film scenes' & honestly, there is NOTHING to stop those flood gates. 

Some people find this super weird, but if you're not someone who wears their heart on their sleeve or you too bottle those emotions into one teeny jar inside, then you need to have some sort of release method. 

I've also found that getting myself up & dressed is a perfect antidote for the blues. If I'm feeling sorry for myself or just pure down, then I tend to drag myself out of bed, scrub up & perhaps take some blog photos so that I at least have an agenda. The worst thing for me is slobbing away in bed because my mind is constantly running around in circles like a headless chicken.

I know this isn't always an easy method for everyone, but I've found from experience it helps A LOT. Even if I end up popping to Morrisons for a bag of Galaxy Counters -  I feel like I've achieved something & kept my mind busy by setting myself a mini goal for the day. 

That way, if I catch myself in the mirror I'm not going to think to myself 'well you look like a piece of shit today', which of course then adds to the pile of crap.

I guess that touches on 'keeping yourself busy'. 

It goes without saying that by keeping yourself occupied & your schedule full, you'll end up with less time on your hands to let those emotions overrun you & drag you into a pit. 

At times it helps having company & sometimes it's better to be alone. Neither is right or wrong, it's what works for you.

Occasionally I'd just rather be alone with my music & other times I'd prefer to be slurping on a gin & ginger beer, snug in a bustly pub with my pals.

I'm not always someone that craves the company of others - I'm pretty content to spend a bit of time sat, wallowing for a bit. 

It doesn't make you an attention seeker by wanting to dwell in your emotions for a while, but sometimes it can be a bit too overwhelming when you're not feeling yourself to be surrounded by a group of people. 

You feel you need time to digest & almost re-start & it's okay to do that alone. 

Finally, my last tip - if you would call these tips? Would be, have yourself a soak in the bath or shower. 

Refresh yourself! Not one of these quick dip in & out scenarios, hell no. You need to soak the steamy hot water up, lather yourself in the most fucking fantastic shower gel you can find, slap on that gritty, weird scented face mask that you purchased forever ago & completely forgot about. Shave the body hair that has been pricking you for weeks now, or use a little conditioner on those wee prickly hairs for a little added softness & TLC - which ever is your cup of tea. Basically pamper & take your time.

Obviously, hot water doesn't last forever - so just make sure you're not resulting with the fright of your life with the ice-bucket challenge you never signed up for.

& if you're still not convinced, why not stick on a 'feel good' movie or two? Something like Juno? Or for my personal favourite Peter Pan (friggin love that boy).

Obviously I am at no way at all an expert in any of this - however, from one human to another human, I know these steps certainly help me back on track when I'm not quite myself.

& of course, if you need to talk, then talk.


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