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It's Okay To Feel Sad

Let's talk about those tidal waves of emotion that creep up out of nowhere & take you tumbling down. The ones where you'll burst into tears just because you felt like it. When you suddenly become overwhelmed & feel that the world is completely against you with a flick of a switch. So, Get yourself comfy, grab a hot beverage of some sort & let's have a chat about how it's okay to feel sad.

In reality, we all get sad at some point or another. We're human. Some may feel sad or down more frequently than others but at one point in our lives, sadness will overrun the emotion bank.
For me, I'm pretty positive 80/90% of the time & humor is my power source. Whether that's making a person laugh, cracking an odd joke in an awkward situation or almost pissing myself with laughter whilst with utterly hilarious company. 

That doesn't rule out the possibility of a streak of sadness smacking me in the face completely out of the blue & leaving me feelin…