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Christmas Day As Told By Social Media

Does anyone else feel obliged when asked how their Christmas was to respond with 'it was really great, thank you'. 

Does anyone also feel like they could never say 'to be honest it was nothing special' in case of being mutilated from giving a negative response?

I know it's Christmas but it's okay to admit that sometimes it's just another day in the calendar..
For me personally, I'm a big sucker for the festive period itself rather than the 'big day'. I love getting all snug & cosy, hunting down mini Christmas markets to indulge away in & finding myself clutching a vast variety of simmering hot beverages. But in all honesty, Christmas Day isn't really as fabulous as it's advertised to be.

Perhaps that's down to the perception of the 'perfect Christmas' slathered all over social media/ advertisements & therefore we pressurize Christmas Day to be far more 'perfect' than itrealistically needs to be.

It's pretty…

What A Year (2018)

How we have reached December 2018 I simply will never know. Just yesterday it felt like we were wishing away the January blues and then sweltering through our mini heatwave in the Summer.. & now we're smack-bam in the middle of December. Crikey!

However, whilst in the midst of a Christmas shopping meltdown, I thought it would be the perfect time to type up a cheeky little blog post rounding up 2018. 

What a YEAR.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it's certainly been a roller-coaster of emotions, a fair share of up & down events & overall a typhoon of craziness.

Let's start with the fact that I held down a job for a whole year (yayaya!). Just to clarify, due to my stubbornness to focus on my acting career, I usually juggle between temp/ part time work & performing contracts. However, 2018 was the first year since leaving retail where I held down a full time office job whilst balancing a couple of acting jobs here & there.  

This for me was such an odd…