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A Break Up; A Rekindle

Surprise, surprise I seem to have been absent from my blog & am much overdue typing up a brand spanking new blog post. This time, my excuse is working my butt off throughout the month of October, scaring unsuspecting members of the public at Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest, which if you don't know is a scare park nestled in West Sussex. So, please accept my apologies for not squeezing so much needed blogging, hopefully things are now back on track.

I wanted to address a pretty shit time in my life, which occurred during the middle of the year & a time that I never really spoke about on social media or mentioned in depth on my blog. I feel like I would be lying or playing the oblivious card if I never once spoke about it, which is why I thought Sunday's post would be an ideal opportunity to delve a little deeper. I also want my blog to feel raw & a place to talk about situations & experiences that aren't great because let's be honest - that's re…