5 Jackets To See Me Through Autumn/Winter 19

I've sifted through my collection of jackets to bring you my all time top 5 style pieces that'll see me right through Autumn, keep me toasty during Winter & will make the cherry on top layering piece for Spring. These top 5 styles are super versatile, fabulous for layering up in the chillier weather & are perfect for sprucing up your day time casual attire into something effortless yet magnificent.

The Faux Fur  

Let's start with the faux fur baby! One of my most recent loves & one that took a little more persuasion than the rest. I was never really into the whole faux fur scenario as it once reminded me of a costume you'd wear on stage when portraying a footballers wife or a character from the 1920's. In fact, I'm pretty convinced I was thrown a faux fur coat at some point during our year 8 performance to add a dash of 'royalty' to a role as I wasn't quite hitting the etiquette bar..

Anyhow, roll on almost 10 years & here I am lavishing in the material! I don't feel embarrassed anymore to wrap myself in the fluffiest jacket around, in fact, I feel like a genius that my faux fur can double up as a portable blanket. Naps are pretty much acceptable ANYWHERE.

It's a simple, effortless & a damn right classic jacket to add to your casual or smart day outfit. & you can even switch this style right into the evening, whether it's cocktails in town or a trip to the cinema - faux fur has your back (literally.. snug as a bug) & you know that you'll look gorgeous yet toasty. 

& you bet I've already got my beady eye on my next faux fur sensation. I'm talking patterned faux fur! *Currently drooling at the thought*. 

The Duster

Just like the faux fur jacket, the duster is a super versatile piece for your wardrobe & will compliment pretty much all your favourite garments, even the ones that are slightly trickier to pair up. The duster is a fabulous layering piece due to the nature of the style being a little less thicker than alternatives on the market.

Unfortunately, the duster alone won't be keeping you too snug through the colder weather, but highlighting the layering beauty of this particular garment means that you can throw it together with some of your chunkier knitwear. It's also the perfect piece for a bitter Winter's day of nipping in & out of heated shops/cafes/restaurants that usually send you into a physical melting mess from a layering overload. You can just whip it off, shove it into your bag or over your arm & know you won't be hauling around such a heavy coat (which feels like a burning ball).

Mix your duster up with textures such as a vinyl finish or perhaps a patterned fabric, which will no doubt be the piece of resistance to your outfit. Adding a bold pattern to your outerwear is such a simplistic yet perfect way to add the finishing touches to your attire when you're running around like a headless chicken 2 minutes before you need to leave for work. 

The Leather/Pleather   

I'd be lying if I said I adore a leather jacket.. because I don't actually own one nor have I ever. I don't have an issue with leather, it's just bloody expensive! Therefore, let me present to you the (almost) next best thing - pleather! If you're unfamiliar with the term pleather, it's basically an morphing of the words plastic & leather. I personally am not phased by pleather, even though I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, so if you're a fan of the real stuff then I'd skip past this bad boy.

We've all seen the rise & constant rise of black leather/pleather jackets sweeping the high street's from years ago but I like to spice things up just a little bit. Let's throw in some studs, graphics, fringing, metallic's & mix it all together to produce some of the fanciest jackets that will ever meet the eye. 

What could possibly pair up better with a pair of jeans than a spruced up leather/pleather jacket that just screams for attention? Even those these fabulous designs do all the talking, they work incredibly well with baker boy hats, beanies, fedoras & even a faux fur trim wrapped around the neck. The accessorizing is almost limitless with these beauties but they are also pretty chuffed when taking the spotlight for themselves.

The Blazer

From years of falling into the work wear category, blazers have finally been dragged out of the office, re-vamped & worked into some of the most casual & fantastic styling on the planet. They have finally been unhooked from their office/work wear tags & have been crowned as one of hottest outwear pieces to date. 

Plus, if you've not witnessed the tailored suit craze that has totally taken over the planet then you must be hiding under a rock in another galaxy. They're EVERYWHERE. Even the alternative pieces I've linked above have nearly all been styled with their coordinating skirt/trouser/short companion.

Blazer's are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe for pretty much any Season. Whether you're fancying a bold colour, a little pattern or a traditional Prince Of Wales finish - there is most definitely a blazer out there for you! Team them up with your favourite t-shirt or knitwear for the ultimate smart/casual layering dream. 

Mix and match the patterns of your blazers & bottoms as frequently as you wish because no doubt you'll discover one of the most incredible clashes in existence. Hound-tooth & plaid? Probably shouldn't work together but most definitely would!

The Corduroy

Corduroy certainly throws me right back to the 90's, where I was a little tyke, scraping my knee's in the fanciest corduroy trousers my Mum could squeeze me in. I can't help but have a nostalgic rush when ever I see corduroy piece after piece hung high & proud in store. We just can't seem to get enough of the bloody stuff?!

Of course I jumped right back on the band wagon/time warp as I too am a lover of the fabric! It oozes retro, keeps you toasty & is pretty much over taking the denim jacket as the ultimate fail safe. It's also widely available as a two piece, whether you're fancying the skirt combo or a pair of cropped trousers, you'll most definitely be rocking corduroy from head to toe.

It's a beautiful thicker fabric for Autumn/Winter than its competitors & even the cheaper corduroy on the market is still a pretty decent thickness & quality. Usually with other fabrics you pay for what you get, where as corduroy is luckily quite similar throughout the price range & therefore you don't have to spend a bomb to get something sturdy.

I'm personally loving the borg detailing we've seen on several corduroy jackets as I think it's the ultimate finish for adding a dash of premium. It's a very casual jacket in comparison to the duster or blazer but one that works unbelievably well with most pieces. Treat your corduroy like you would your denim jacket - throw it together with pinafores, dresses, skirts & jeans. You'll be surprised at how little corduroy doesn't go with!


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