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5 Jackets To See Me Through Autumn/Winter 19

I've sifted through my collection of jackets to bring you my all time top 5 style pieces that'll see me right through Autumn, keep me toasty during Winter & will make the cherry on top layering piece for Spring. These top 5 styles are super versatile, fabulous for layering up in the chillier weather & are perfect for sprucing up your day time casual attire into something effortless yet magnificent.

The Faux Fur  

Let's start with the faux fur baby! One of my most recent loves & one that took a little more persuasion than the rest. I was never really into the whole faux fur scenario as it once reminded me of a costume you'd wear on stage when portraying a footballers wife or a character from the 1920's. In fact, I'm pretty convinced I was thrown a faux fur coat at some point during our year 8 performance to add a dash of 'royalty' to a role as I wasn't quite hitting the etiquette bar..
Anyhow, roll on almost 10 years & here I am lavishin…