Is Enjoying Your Own Company A Negative Factor?

Greetings! I bring you a brand new blog post, accompanied by a tin of Quality Street (I've peaked early with the traditional Christmas chocolates) & a cup of peppermint tea, which will no doubt keep me peeing all night.. TMI hun.

Let's have a natter about self company, spending time on your 'larry' & overall just taking time out from the little socialite buzz. Is enjoying your own company a negative factor?

This question has been troubling me for a tad while now as I'm very much content with my own company, lazying around from time to time & even packing myself off for a day trip down the coast without a single pal in sight, but does that mean that I have social issues? 

 Mentioning or summarizing my weekends lonesome antics genuinely receives responses of shock or even pity that I've spent pretty much the majority of my weekend on my tod. It seems that rather large chunks of alone time are thought of so negatively & aren't considered a 'healthy' way to spend your time.

I beg to differ.

For me personally - I adore accomplishing a handful of tasks by myself rather than in a social situation. That doesn't mean to say that I am socially awkward or I don't like surrounding myself with people but it just simply means I can quite happily trot along by my lonesome without desiring company.

I find I enjoy certain activities by myself (.. sounds a little dodgy when you phrase it like that) but occasionally I prefer hitting the town for some retail therapy on my own as I know exactly where I want to go, I don't have to convince my companion to trek inside the shops I fancy & I can whiz into the shops that are right up my street (no pun intended) without raking up a mountain of a parking ticket.

Brighton parking.. what a joke!

Side Note: You literally have to take out a small loan if you dare spend more than 4 hours loitering around in the Churchill Square (the main shopping complex) because the parking is just extortionate.. EXTORTIONATE.

It also means I get total dibs on what lunch source to opt for, if I want something gross & greasy, you best believe I'm nailing that bad boy. Or if I fancy a quick dash into an own brand deli then I can explore away & snap up all those beautiful Instagram shots of my chunky, home made sandwich without receiving any rolled eyes from my fellow company.

& I am partial to an Instagram food snap or two!..

I'm also particularly fond of driving around by myself, spending some quality time with my hideous taste in music blaring out at the speakers. Sometimes I just fancy a spin as I find driving is super therapeutic & sits along side the shower for thinking hot spots. It's a bit like plugging yourself into your music whilst on public transport, you go into a total zen zone whilst listening to the lyrics & watching the flickering scenery dash past.. (& pretending you're in a dreamy montage scene from a movie, we've all done it.).

My creativity & concentration levels sky rocket when I am left alone, for example I feel I can really nail a blog post & get shit done that has been bugging me. Those simple tasks that I've been leaving to 'another day' & then they begin to eat away at the back of my mind because I know full well I shan't be ticking them off until I'm by myself & forcing my butt into gear. They may be a buzz kill of a chore but they're damn right necessary..

I've spent about 10 minutes of my day pumping up my car tires because I've been pretty aware that they're overdue a top up of air. As I'm spending the day with me, myself & I.. that day had arrived where I had no more excuses.

Dooms day.

I personally believe that taking time for yourself & indulging in your own company is super beneficial. It allows you to strip back & give yourself some much needed TLC physically & emotionally. Who doesn't love a cheeky pamper session? Taking that much sought after time for yourself should never brand you as an antisocial bean but in fact it's just another simple factor that makes you human. 

It's 100% okay to want some time for just you!

I use to become a complete worry wart if I cancelled plans or opted out of a party or two purely from the total utter fear of missing out. But now'a days, I'm often eager for a cosy night of lit candles smoking the room out with a deliciously sweet scent, a massive bag of Aero Mint Balls *drool* to myself & becoming swallowed up in fresh bedding. Peeeerfect!

There will be other times that you have complete cabin fever & you'll be seeking some sort of adventure with a pal or two. As much as I'm happy to spend my evenings alone & chilled, I certainly fancy heading somewhere vibrant & loud from time to time - most definitely if there's food on the cards. But either way, it doesn't mean that you're lonely or that you have social issues- it just means that you're content with embracing your free time between yourself & others. 

There are weeks where I can't bear to differ from my usual schedule of working, driving home, showering & chilling the f*ck out & then there will be other times that I'll have dinner plans, coffee dates & pub catch ups planned for the whole week. I can have total contrasting weeks! Neither is right or wrong.

The fact I am in a long distance relationship also means that the majority of my time is spent alone during the week nights. Most of my friends (including myself) would rather finish their 9-5 shift, get their little tired butt in the shower & indulge over their tea rather than worrying about prepping themselves for further social antics. 

I think the difference with being 'lonely' & treating yourself to some 'you' time is that when you choose that you want to be alone, it's good to be alone. It's great to take some time out & surround yourself in your own company & then when you're wanting to be the social bug, you can be the social bug.

But don't be afraid of wanting to be on your own from time to time. Or asking for some alone time if you're in a full time relationship (I say full time in the sense that they're around 24/7), your partner should never feel insulted because it's totally natural & can be beneficial for your relationship.

So, if you're looking for some time out - don't be afraid to take it. Enjoying your own company should not be associated with a negative factor!

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