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Is Enjoying Your Own Company A Negative Factor?

Greetings! I bring you a brand new blog post, accompanied by a tin of Quality Street (I've peaked early with the traditional Christmas chocolates) & a cup of peppermint tea, which will no doubt keep me peeing all night.. TMI hun.

Let's have a natter about self company, spending time on your 'larry' & overall just taking time out from the little socialite buzz. Is enjoying your own company a negative factor?
This question has been troubling me for a tad while now as I'm very much content with my own company, lazying around from time to time & even packing myself off for a day trip down the coast without a single pal in sight, but does that mean that I have social issues? 

 Mentioning or summarizing my weekends lonesome antics genuinely receives responses of shock or even pity that I've spent pretty much the majority of my weekend on my tod. It seems that rather large chunks of alone time are thought of so negatively & aren't considered a 'he…