The Guilt Of Not Living Life To The 'Full'

Happy Sunday Sweet-cheeks! Hope you're chillaxing, relaxing to the max & not sweating the small stuff. Today we're hosting our annual doggy party for my little poops Archie & Lily who turn 4! Literally.. things get super weird on this day- there's doggy friendly cake, party bags & treats (my Mumma really goes to town & is totally in her element). So, whilst we have the calm before the storm I thought I'd get typing on a fresh blog post before the hairballs tear the place apart (gulp!)..

The Guilt Of Not Living Life To The 'Full'- can anyone relate?

For some time now social media has really smacked the obvious that we 'youngsters' need to be making the most of our youth & exploring as much of the world & taking as many opportunities as we can get our mitts on. But how realistic are these expectations?

One really stuck on my mind after my usual Facebook endless scrolling, which said something along the lines of 'I'd rather have £0 in my bank but 5,000 incredible memories than £5,000 in my bank & 0 incredible memories'.

This really hit home for me - I'm currently on a serious saving buzz & trying to not splurge as hard as usual as I know that at 25 I really should consider saving to move out permanently. But what if I should be sourcing new adventures instead? Travelling & living a little more spontaneously? But then tumble a few years down the line & I'll surely be stuck in the same position of living with the 'rents unable to afford a place of my own, a lifestyle I'm struggling to fund & even further away from total independence.. 

.. Yes I'll have a memory bank bursting at the seams but a bank account that is dingy & lurking with cobwebs.

It's tricky! Really f*cking tricky..

It also makes you ponder whether you've made the most of your youth, freedom & life so far. Have you really exhausted all the treats & glories that life has to offer? Or have you hidden yourself away? I for one am very happy in my own company & I can quite easily waste away a few days just chilling in bed, with a whole lot of YouTube or Netflix binging at my finger tips whilst scoffing down a jolly big bag of Aero Mint Balls (which I may as well have shares in by now).

But then I feel guilty. Why didn't I get off of my lazy arse & take a spontaneous trip down to the seaside? Or take a hike into the ginormous forest we have on our door step?

Should I be allowed to splurge my weekends away in my lazy habitat? 

Is taking a 9-5 Monday to Friday job really just wasting away my 20's?

The hell am I suppose to be doing?!?!?!?!

Although at this current time in my life I'm pretty darn fortunate to have next to nothing in the way of responsibilities, I still feel super pressured to constantly think about my future & financial stability. I could quite easily quit my comfortable office job, relocate to another part of the world on a tourist visa & gain some pretty insane experiences. 

But then what happens when it's time to face reality & head back to the UK? Surely I'm back to square one?! All my savings have been blown & I'll have to bag myself another 9-5 job, which I'm sure will simply rot away my soul seeing as I've gone from a completely contrasting lifestyle.

I'm not quite sure how we're suppose to live our lives to the full when we're constantly pressured by almost impossible adult achievements anyway..

Without going into too much detail & opening a whole new can of worms about the ongoing pressure that your adult life deals with, let's just round it up in a lovely few pointers:-

We're supposed to work hard, build our careers & save for a mortgage..

.. But we're unlikely to be accepted for a mortgage because the property ladder is spiraling out of financial control!

.. & if we're not saving for a mortgage we'll be trying to tie the knot, which costs a hefty load & a truck load of arts & crafts.

& then let's not even talk about the cost of growing a small human.. (yikes!)..

So, unless you're the child of a billionaire who is more than happy to fund your life, I simply have no clue how we can truly live life to the full when we have to work to live. Although my life isn't as crazy & as spontaneous as I know it certainly could be, I'm pretty content to rein it all in & save the adventures for the odd occasion. Rather than giving up my current lifestyle for one I can only describe as paradise, I can stick to celebrating on a smaller scale & living my life fuller in other ways.

I shan't be giving up my ideal cosy Sunday's in my snuggly cove of a bed because that's what I enjoy doing. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm perfectly content spending hours in my own company & not having to worry about anyone else's needs but my own- & that's okay! 

I also take a handful of trips out in the year to visit somewhere new & fresh because it's cheaper & it's an adventure to psych yourself up for. It make not be the thrill seeking lifestyle but it suits me just swell.

I like planning social events & spending time mooching about with different groups of friends, scoffing down breakfast dates, guzzling drinks of all sorts or cinema dates here & there. But I'm not a complete social bug & I'm not in constant need of surrounding myself by lots of different people 24/7.. but again - that's okay! It's personal preference.

So,to round this post all together I basically just want to sum up by saying that it's very easy to doubt yourself when you see these carefree posts pop up all around Facebook, Instagram & Twitter but the reality is that not everyone is in a position to live those dreamy lifestyles. But you can simply life your life to the full (as they just lurrrrve to say) in so many different, unique ways without breaking the bank balance or relocating to a new country. 

Ignore what everyone else is doing as I'm sure if you were truly unhappy & sick of your 9-5 lifestyle then you'd work it out for yourself!

It's very easy to fall into self doubt & guilt that we're simply not enjoying every inch of our lives & really fulfilling every single aspect but sometimes it's just not logical & actually happiness/contentment can be found on a much smaller scale.

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