Getting Savvy With Femme Luxe

Hey there chippies! How's this week been treating you so far? A good'en I hope! Let's cut straight down to the dirty business & let me introduce you to Femme Luxe, who if you don't know already are a women's wear super affordable fashion site who specialize in some of the most effortless chic pieces that money has to offer. Dressed up or down, fancy or chilled, night out or night in - I'm pretty convinced that there will be something you can hands down rock! 

There are a handful of smaller boutique style sites popping up all over social media as well as on sponsored posts & I'm too easily lead astray not to click on those dreamy ads. I'm 100% a window shopper, if you would use that term online? But I can spend a ridiculous amount of hours flicking through page after page, filling up a virtual basket & then dreaming/drooling over those fancy garments that are 2-3 working days away from my grasp.

You know the ones, right? Well, Femme Luxe is just that - running alongside the likes of Missy Empire & Miss Pap for the winning title of fabulously simplistic pieces at insane prices & daily gob-smacking discounts! You'd be insane not to stop by for a peek.

Femme Luxe gave me the fabulous opportunity of getting my mitts on some of their very own pieces & giving a completely honest review of my thoughts on a brand that I've never come across before & styles that are slightly stepping out of my comfort zone - but hey, I'm totally giving it a crack!

First up.. We're talking co-ord's baby!

I decided to try something that was totally not my usual style but a silhouette that I'd wanted to give a good shot at just for curiosity. I opted for my very first figure fitting co-ord & okay, it's not the most body-con style but for me this is pretty snug. It clings to the places that I am most conscious of & would usually stray away from anything that would dare touch my nervous zones. But surprisingly - I don't hate it?!

The colour is insane. I kid you not - one of the most flattering shades I've ever discovered for my skin tone & this was certainly a piece I could picture myself wearing time after time. Whether that be on the rare occasion I totter off for a night out or a chilled stroll into town, this was certainly the perfect outfit for that exact scenario.

& the comfort factor? Imagine wearing leggings all day, everyday but with a wider flare at the bottom. Yep, that's these bad boys right here. The fabric is gorgeously soft & elasticated so you needn't worry about any chaffing (which I know can be an occurrence with fitted crop tops) & you'll certainly wont be whacking out a hard core sweat. I took these photos across the mini heatwave the UK experienced & there was not even a droplet in sight! 


This co-ord set is currently £19.99.. LEGIT HUNS.

Mustard Crop Top & Trousers Co-Ord Set

This is exactly the same as the previous co-ord I had a natter about but the colour's a rich mustard shade. I have a huge soft spot for mustard coloured garments but I don't seem to have much going on in that department for some reason. I think I strayed away from the colour when I was rocking the blonde locks & have yet to dive head first back into the gorgeous shade. So here's me giving it a good shot!

Although I do have the slight camel toe sprouting up here & there with this co-ord (nothing a quick turn & pull can't sort out) I have to say I am completely blown away yet again. I did find the crop top to be a little tighter on this co-ord that the lilac but I'm assuming that's because the garments aren't mass produced (even more reason to get stuck in!) & therefore the sizing may be a little tighter here & there. It's not the end of the world as I mentioned previously about the fabric containing a hefty chunk of elastic, which certainly will make up the difference.

I'm usually a size 10 & all three of these items were my correct size & fit like a glove. A rarity these days with all the sizing issues our retailers have going on?! (C'monnnn guys!)..

The silhouette of this co-ord set is totally flattering on any lumps & bumps thanks to the light weight fabric & a helping hand from gravity that result in pulling down the material & running a smooth, sleek finish. The trousers sit just above your hips, pinching you in at the waist & giving you the lovely long legged effect of a 5"9 lass, thanks to a kick out flare at the bottom.

This was the item I was super nervous about - how short will it be? Will it be see through? Will it be too tight on the arms? I don't really fan girl to the likes of bardot style tops purely because they aggravate me having to yank them back down the shoulder each time I move an inch. However, I thought I should give the bardot a break & try a dress version of the style to see if I'd get along better with a slightly different design..

Not too shabby at all. Although I almost completely melted in this dress (do bare in mind it's knitted & ribbed) & am still focusing past that small factor of this garment not being the best for extreme sunny weather - yeah, I liked it. I did have to be pretty crafty on my choice of underwear seeing as it's a little see through, other than that it once again fit like a dream.

No annoying tugging or hoisting back down to it's correct position! I didn't even have to keep performing that awkward yank at the back to ensure my butt wasn't on parade, a selling point for all short skirts/dresses I must say. 

However, whilst checking my butt wasn't hanging out at the back & ensuring my underwear wasn't on display through the ribbed material, I did picture myself wearing this beauty at the beach over a bikini as it would make the most insane cover up! In fact, the model on the website is fondling about in the sand & therefore I'll give her 50% (.. maybe 75%) for throwing that idea into my brain.

So if you fancy getting your mitts on any of the pieces above or so many, many more treats & goodies then head over to Femme Luxe where they are currently spoiling us with a up to 85% off everything discount code.

Or if you're steering away from splurging then why not do a little virtual window shopping & save some of those drooled after pieces for a rainy day?.. 

It's like retail therapy but without the sore feet & heavy bags!


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