The Fear Of Opinion

Happy heatwave y'all! What an absolute scorcher of a week & a bit we've been blessed with over in the UK, although I am longing for my beloved Autumn to fly to the rescue. Still- can't complain too much as this is such a rarity!

So I've been thinking, a dangerous thought I know - but how are our decisions effected by the thought of someones opinion? I'm pretty sure I can confidently say that the majority of us have hesitated at some point in our lives before making a commitment or action in case of an unwelcomed opinion.

Not necessarily a family member or a loved one but perhaps a gaggle of school friends on Facebook that you no longer speak to, or that random stranger who's followed your Instagram profile since the dawn of time or even an Ex who pops up from time to time? 

It could be something as simple as posting a photo online that you're not 100% confident with the lighting/angle/contrast but you're a little hesitant to post it anyway in case of an unwanted opinion or it's not everyone's cup of tea.

But why do we seem to care so much about what other people think?

I'm for sure a people pleaser, I'm not keen on confrontation & I thrive on being 'liked' especially by strangers & new faces, a little odd I know but I always seem to seek approval. It's quite ironic that I'm attempting to throw myself into a career where judgement is at every corner & the reality is not everyone is going to 'like' you.

Win some, you lose some.

Opinions certainly matter to me, probably a little too much than
 they really should. Whether I know that certain individual or not, I'll certainly take on board their opinion or worry about the endless possibilities of how they could interpret a blog, photograph or message online before I've even posted it. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a sensitive soul.

Unfortunately we've grown an online world that is very opinionated & has a hell of a bite. The power of social media is so, so incredible & yet so, so terrifying because you can expose yourself in so many ways & that leaves you completely vulnerable to anyone's words. These words could be in-powering, beautiful & insanely uplifting or they could be the complete opposite & tear an individual apart. 

So then why bother posting online?!

Well, yes you could lock yourself away from the virtual world we now surround ourselves with in 2018, but let's be frank- your friends, family & followings are all connected via social media. Our social connections are so engrossed within our accounts that we can speak to our loved ones from half way across the world with a slide, flick & a tap of a button. That's insane?! & why should we remove ourselves from this incredible cyber universe just because a handful of trolls feel the need to comment unnecessarily on a post, photograph or message you've crafted that has f*ck all to do with them?!

Hell no honey.

The same could be said when picking out an outfit or deciding on the next big chop for your hair - what will people think or say? It's those opinions that really seem to make us hesitate on how much we share online. Obviously there is a line where too much sharing is a little unnecessary but for the sake of a couple of opinions it certainly shouldn't make you filter your content. I for one love exploring shared content, seeking inspiration from others, drooling at make up tutorials & hair styling crazes & of course, jumping on the bandwagon for the next sort after wardrobe must haves. 

So please don't filter yourselves!

If we carry on separating & banishing away what we're really passionate to share online to what we feel is acceptable to share online then where the hell is our creativity & originality?! My God, if you love your outfit today then you damn post it or if your winged eye liner is on point then you best believe that's hitting up the 'Gram. Social media is there for us as a creative platform to inspire others, share what we adore & seek mutual interests so it should never be looked at as a platform of judgement, & if you find yourselves in front of an unwanted panel of judges then you best find that 'block' button.

I was absolutely terrible & a little insecure at finding my feet (& balls) to post what I 'wanted' online. I was too nervous to find my creativity & the possibility of back lash from strangers & followers was just too scary. I never thought of myself as a snazzy, flashy blogger but I loved blogging & I wanted to indulge in this hobby whilst sharing as much content as I could squeeze in. I also had a regular battle with a handful of people in my life who weren't really supportive & took the piss on one or two many occasions. 

I was very conscious of not brandishing my blog in peoples face, especially if I knew them. I stopped telling strangers that I had a blog during small talk or when that awkward question arose of 'what do you do in your spare time?'. I kept my blogging journey to myself a lot of the time to stray away from negative comments & never really talked about my little online creation.

Certainly not a confidence boost.

Therefore, it took me a few years to think 'f*ck it' & just ride the wave & see where my blogging could take me without the restrictions of negativity from people who were once so close. It has certainly been a weight lifted from my shoulders to no longer seek an approval that is quite honestly pointless.

Those who stay stuck to your side & support you through every inch are the ones who are bloody brilliant. My friends & family are 100% supportive, interested & curious of my blogging/social media content that I share on a daily basis & that's exactly what I thrive from in a nut shell! 

As human we love to be adored & we seek approval on a daily basis, which is why the online world can be so daunting. But we can also use this tool to our advantage & share the damn love! If someone's looking incredibly smoking in their Instagram then tell them, or if someone's Facebook post has cracked you up then why not give it a cheeky 'like'? Because we all know if someone has acknowledged your content it certainly is a mini fist pump moment right there..

Don't let the fear of one persons opinion stop you. EVER.

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