Stop Saving It For 'Another Day'

Remember those terrifying, adventurous goals you set yourself one upon a time in life & are yet to even attempt to bring them to a reality? Yup, me too. It's almost as though there's an imaginary wall piled up right in front of you & it's working a) as a comfort shield & b) as an excuse to not push you any further.

For me, there's always another reason or excuse as to why that goal has been pushed to the side line, gathering dust & pretty much forgotten about.

But why do we throw all those spontaneous & down right crazy ideas into the ever growing 'another day' pile, which to be honest is more likely 'another century'. Why do we stay committed to our regular, comfortable lifestyles & dare not stray too far into the unknown? I see so many gorgeous adventures of those on Instagram who have been bitten by the travelling bug & are now experiencing some of the most incredible & insane secrets that the world has to offer in the furthest unknown corners of the Earth. Or those who have taken on their most desired hobby & are completely thriving at what they're accomplishing, even though they didn't know they had it hidden in them? The marathon runners, the jet setters, the yoga bunnies, the body builders, the make up artists & so many, many more!

But does that mean that I get comfortable, rotting away in a lazy lifestyle because I'm living all these scrummy adventures through the lens of a complete stranger?

It's obviously a lot cheaper & convenient this way but certainly isn't satisfying..

If you've read a couple of my previous blog posts then you'll probably gather I'm not exactly a spontaneous chip who lives for adventure, adrenaline & would hit the road for a taste of the travelling lifestyle. Not because it's not my cup of tea but mainly because I'm pretty much the human flesh example of Paranoid Pete.

Yup, for real.

I can't even walk away from my car without checking its 110% locked at least 6 times & even then I'll probably stroll down the street & quickly dash back just to check.. again. So for me, dropping everything & jumping on the next plane just isn't grand for my nerves & paranoia but it doesn't mean that the travelling bug isn't eating away at me inside. I still like to plan trips abroad & experience new cultures as frequently as possible, not seeking the same destination time after time. 

But what about other topics in our lives? 

Such as moving on from a break up? .. Or ticking something off of those ever forgotten bucket lists? 

Can you really save everything for another day? Should we really be slapping ourselves around a little more & saying 'get your shit together & make it happen today'? In regards to a break up, everyone needs time to heal, recover & then scramble back to their feet in order to walk away- but when is that day? From personal experience I know that I've always told myself I'll move on from what has now crumbled, but just not today, which is all dandy because each person needs to take their own time- BUT that day always seemed to be pushed further & further into the future & never arrives at my feet? 

Or how about that same old job that you've just been dying to break free from? You know the one that comes equipped with the screeching 6am alarm call, the jolting traffic crawl, the slaving away at a computer screen & to top if all off drills in a 9pm bed time. Yeah, that one..

The one that keeps you financially afloat but really fucking sucks.

So what's stopping us from taking the plunge, applying for those roles that we really have a passion & interest for & seeing where that terrifying interview takes us.. After all, no one has to know that you've been applying for other jobs to further your career & ignite that spark of your working life. If anything, you're gaining further experience with each interview to really help build charisma & confidence to help nail the next. 

For me, my flexibility is essential for my acting career & therefore it's essential that I'm working a second job for an income that will support my lifestyle & keep me afloat until my next audition/role. I mean.. those bills aren't paying themselves! Therefore, I've had a pretty hefty handful of jobs throughout the years, from the age of 16 onward's & this has resulted in my CV certainly becoming a bit of an embarrassment but also pretty refreshing. Sure, on paper it doesn't look that great but when I think back to the contrast of career roles I've had I couldn't say I regret not sticking at the same job for 5 odd years?..

 I have a tenancy of getting 'bored' & craving a new challenge, which is why I like hopping from job to job & meeting new friendly faces, challenging myself at new tasks & skills & of course allowing myself to be flexible, you know - just in case Spielberg fancies giving me a call (plz). If I didn't switch it up from time to time then I wouldn't have gained as much knowledge about hospitality, retail & admin roles as I do now, plus I wouldn't have found some of my now closest buds.

No matter how much it terrifies us, change is GOOD!

Wow.. this has been a bit of a meaty blog post, right?!

I guess we can all learn a lesson from our own 'today' & think realistically about how comfortable our current lifestyles are & if we're really.. dare I say, 'happy'? There will always be something nibbling at us, a real adventure or bucket list that needs to be ticked off & the only way for us to accomplish what we want is to make a damn move. It's too easy to fall in the same routine because we humans laaaaave a good routine but it's certainly hard to fall back out of one. 

I've decided to be a woman of my word & so far I've been applying for a variety of European Tours that'll get me out of the snug UK & experience hard, sweaty, gorgeous performance work in unknown territory. If that falls flat on its face then I am attempting to plan a 'spontaneous', yup you read right there, a spontaneous trip to Texas to see my beautifully family & explore what Dallas has to offer. So what's your plan? I'd love to know if you're fancying biting the bullet & tackling a challenge or two that would normally be saved for the usual 'another day'.

To be continued..

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