A Nicce Treat

Hello strangers! Long time no typing once again, I'm literally useless at committing myself to summon up some much needed content and luckily I was given the extra creative push by the lovely folks at Nicce Clothing. In all honesty, I'd never really heard of the brand before & therefore was eager to get involved & get my mitts on one of their garments. I'm very comfortable sticking with my much loved brands & I personally feel I have to step outside of my comfort zone into exploring other stores & labels, therefore this was a perfect opportunity to do just that. One of the hardest decisions was nailing down the colour choice as the variety was super juicy & all the ways to style each individual sweater/hoodie came flooding into my brain. 

Although there are two sections of their website, one for men & one for women, most of the pieces are pretty universal & therefore they have no gender stereotype stapled to them. This is one of my favourite pointers for loving a little active wear because no colour or style or cut is defining a gender. You can dig yourself out a pink hoodie in both menswear & women's wear! I'm a sucker for a man in a baby pink jumper any day.. Mmm. The silhouettes & cuts of each sweater/hoodie remind me very much of my childhood, when I would often grab the most cosiest & practical piece of clothing I could find in my wardrobe. I was very much a child that would throw myself around in the dirt, cartwheel until the sun went down & climb every single tree possible. Therefore active wear has been a big part of my life since I was a teeny scally!

That's why I'm proud as punch to support a brand that has kept to the classic sporty sweater, which can hold on through those harsher activities & will wear with perfection, creating that ultimate vintage loved sweater look. Plus, sports wear & active wear are mahooosive in our beloved highstreet with the trend of formal joggers, branded sweaters, hoodies as layering pieces & of course the absolute insane craze with trainers. That's why I love pairing a skirt or pinafore with sportier pieces as it is a complete 90's throwback for me & it's just an uber comfort day to day outfit. 

As most of the sweaters by Nicce Clothing are simplistic in colour & have some gorgeous neutral tones going on, you can really switch up & play around with different patterns, bolder colours & fabrics when styling. There's nothing more perfect than a versatile garment that can be paired with practically everything in your wardrobe & thrown on in your time of need when you need to pop to the shop for those breakfast/dinner essentials. & what's even better is these styles of sweater will take you throughout each season, whether that be a chilly Summer's evening propped around the BBQ or a day trek in the Winter where layering becomes your absolute best friend (amen to the layering!).

I decided to pick myself out an original 'warm sand' toned sweater with the simplistic 'Nicce' stenciled on the front (in a size M, I'm usually an 8-10 just for sizing reference)to pair with my Zara 70's esk skirt. I don't own a lot of neutral toned shades & therefore I thought I could really work this piece into my current wardrobe. I must say, I was stuck between the baby blue version & this bad boy, but I finally whittled it down to just this little cloud of pure cosines. I'm actually debating how many wears I can get before I have to depart with my dreamy sweater for its first trip in the washing machine. Is that too gross? It's purely because of the insanely fluffy lining this sweater has introduced to my body, I mean it's just sooo rare to find ultra dreamy cloud linings these days?!

So, if you're on the hunt for your next active wear piece that can become a rather large & handy part of your errand life, slouchy/stay at home comfort sweater or the perfect love match for your jeans then I would highly recommend heading over to Nicce Clothing for most fabulous edition to your wardrobe. The prices are super reasonable for the quality of the garments & the sizing for me is just spot on, slightly boxy, a little baggy in all the correct points & it doesn't cut you off at the neckline (..phew!). Let me know what you if you take the plunge & treat yourself to one of these magnificent pieces! & a humongous thank you to Nicce Clothing for introducing me to my new cuddle buddy of a sweater, we're off to chill out & fish out the recently added section on Netflix!

Sweater- Nicce    Skirt- Zara   Shoes- ASOS   Sunglasses- Newlook


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