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Always Giving Advice But Never Taking

Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday where ever you may be! Mine has consisted of soaking up the glorious sunshine, over indulging in far too much scrummy cake & parading about the town in one gorgeous blue jumpsuit (check the Insta!). Guess what I've discovered? I'm pretty shit at taking my own advice, yup. Let's just crack straight into Sunday's blog post..

A bit of a messy & damn right crappy scenario made an unwelcome appearance in my life over a couple of weeks ago & since then it's occurred to me that I'm not the greatest at taking my own advice. Usually, I'm the friend offering lashings of guidance & independent women malarkey to any one of my pals who needs it the most, when they've hit a bit of a rocky period in time & are unsure what road to turn down next. I've always adored this role & thought that surely if I'm the one who is turned to in an hour of need then that must mean I can tackle anything, right? He…

Pill Free *Update*

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you've had a smasher of a weekend. Thought I'd write up a little blog post to follow from my 'Coming Off The Pill' debut, which is all linked up if you fancy a previous read. Basically, a brief update if you're not fancying the catch up is that I'd be thinking long & hard about breaking free from the contraceptive pill, Yasmin. The reasoning behind this decision is purely down to the side effects personally experienced as well as the health risks this teeny tiny pill hauls along with it. Yeah, I'm just not feeling it tbh..
When you discuss distancing yourself with your common contraceptive the most recurring response from loved ones & other social sources is 'are you trying for a baby?', but let me assure you at 25 years old this was certainly not on the cards. As mentioned previously I can barely take care of myself on a daily basis let alone a pocket size sprog, so no, switching up my contraception option is not for…

A Nicce Treat

Hello strangers! Long time no typing once again, I'm literally useless at committing myself to summon up some much needed content and luckily I was given the extra creative push by the lovely folks at Nicce Clothing. In all honesty, I'd never really heard of the brand before & therefore was eager to get involved & get my mitts on one of their garments. I'm very comfortable sticking with my much loved brands & I personally feel I have to step outside of my comfort zone into exploring other stores & labels, therefore this was a perfect opportunity to do just that. One of the hardest decisions was nailing down the colour choice as the variety was super juicy & all the ways to style each individual sweater/hoodie came flooding into my brain. 

Although there are two sections of their website, one for men & one for women, most of the pieces are pretty universal & therefore they have no gender stereotype stapled to them. This is one of my favourite poin…