Why Uni Was A No Go

I get asked a lot whether I attend University (Uni) & quite simply the answer is no. Why didn't I choose to go to Uni? Well, it's purely because it wasn't the right decision for me & I guess therefore I felt why waste my time & money on something that I knew wasn't the 'right path' to take. That doesn't mean to say I don't agree with the option of Uni for other A Level graduates that are unsure whether to take the plunge & enroll in a University course, it just means I chose the decision to stray away from further education & focus solely on experience for my career. 

If you've stuck around for a little while you may know that I work professionally as an Actress & most fellow Actors are likely to have opted for a Drama School or University Drama Degree. I chose to be stubborn & take none of the above, meaning I experienced both the pros & cons of not furthering my education & skill sets. Do I regret that stubborn decision? Hell yes.. Well, in certain ways I do & certain ways I completely stand by my past self. With the career I chose you can be a little flexible with what courses & educational stats you enroll in because this career can be purely based on 'looking' perfect for a role. Which is super lame & frustrating but then again it keeps you motivated & determined to succeed.

However, I know that although my career path has several reoccurring themes of 'being in the right place at the right time' & 'it's who you know, not what you know' I can also strip these back & reveal that by attending a 'creditable' University for Drama or a Drama School will give you a small, but very handy boost in the right direction. Therefore, if you're planning on tackling the Performing Arts industry then I personally would recommend taking a degree or diploma course because boy has it been a struggle to smooth that little easily avoided bump in the road..

But why not University rather than a Drama School? It never appealed to me. The lifestyle, the partying, the three year gap to fulfill this University sized hole in your life & of course the coursework. I could barely motivate myself to complete homework on time at school let alone attempt a dissertation. My Mum would spend many evenings nagging away at me to complete these horrendous GCSE art projects & I would have a melt down. The concentration was purely absent & chilling somewhere more lively!


The lifestyle actually terrified me.. & still does to this day! I just wasn't at all interested in taking my life away from my family home & setting up camp in a dorm with a bunch of strangers, who no doubt would have become some pretty pally chaps but at the time, 18 year old me was having none of it. I had a teeny taste of dorm life when I attended a Summer course in London at Guildhall School of Music & Drama & ended up bunking in the accommodation provided. I shared the dorm with three girls, all of a similar age to me who were all born outside of the UK & I was fascinated by the fact they weren't from England but in fact thousands of miles away! My first question to the young girl who was from France.. 'What does the Circle Of Life sound like in French?'..

But even after this tiny taster I was in no mind to take on the University chapter & decided to completely throw that idea down the pan. Although I'd adored my time at Guildhall & met some incredible folk, I just knew it wouldn't suit me emotionally & mentally for three solid years. I've never been a party animal or a complete social bug so therefore the high levels of alcohol, partying & socializing into the early hours of the morning really didn't float my boat either.. but that's just because I'm pretty content with my own company & spending time doing my own 'thing' rather than entertaining other people.

I've also always loved earning money & enjoy spending what I earn so knowing I wouldn't be able to keep up a steady income whilst studying & attending lectures really freaked me out. I threw myself into the working world when I turned 16 & spent time clocking up the hours at the local chip shop, taking my hard earn cash & splashing out of far too many clothes. When I turned the ripe age of 18 I went for full time hours in the wonderful world of retail & there I pretty much lingered for the next 5 years. I didn't want to uproot myself from this cosy little self sufficient lifestyle into the terrifying world of the unknown.. perhaps that's my paranoia talking?

There you have it, my personal reasons for 'Why Uni Was A No Go' & I'm not saying I made the correct choice to opt out whilst the majority of my friends enrolled but I knew I wouldn't have been happy. It's almost like a gut instinct to stick your heels in & not follow the educational flow to go from School to College & then to Uni. Education for me felt like a safety blanket that I wanted to kick off & tear away from & therefore I wanted to throw myself into the outside world. Yeah, it was a bit shit here & there when I found I was rejected from a few castings because I didn't have the 'qualifications' even though I was more than capable, but I've also conquered a lot of hurdles & smashed out a pretty decent Actors CV along the way!

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