Giving Up The Messy Party Girl

I missed another week of blogging.. I'm sorry- sometimes I just can't quite put finger to keyboard & therefore have nothing to give for a fresh new blog post. However, today is the day I've got my mojo back & I'm feeling prepped to type this little beast of a post out, so sit back, grab a cuppa & something sweet/tasty to munch on whilst you sink your teeth into this little chunk of a post..

For some time now the reality has hit me hard that I'm pretty much done with the whole 'partying' lifestyle. At 25 I can safely say I've put my little party animal self to bed & I would much rather a calmer Friday/Saturday night lined up than something a bit more hardcore. I mean, I was never an absolute machine on the dance floor, necking 25798269 kazillion shots at the bar & zigzagging home at the early hours of the morning.. but I did like a drink or two too many.

To be completely honest I was never the best at handling my alcohol & quite often I would over compensate how much of a 'light weight' I was when guzzling down a few too many beverages. I'd always feel the need to drink more & more until I was completely obliterated because I would thrive for the feeling of being drunk. 

It was more the journey of becoming under the influence rather than being drunk itself, the build up & slowly becoming more & more dizzy & out of control made me feel this insane buzz. However, once I'd peaked & completely toppled off the ultimate 'drunk' peak & down into a hazy darkness where I could no longer stay horizontal without the assistance of a wall or another human, that's when I'd feel almost a flood misery at the state of being so not in control.

A few years back I was living a completely different lifestyle where I shared a small house with a friend & we had this fantastic set up for a 'party' house, in fact it was known as the Party House at our work. The layout with just perfect & fairly open planned, which meant socially it was all that we needed when accompanied with some music & alcohol. I went crazy for these house parties! & when I think about them now I have to admit they were pretty insane & a down right laugh. But I would always find myself in some pretty messy situations, including climbing out windows & climbing walls whilst completely smashed out of my face. 

I'm incredibly lucky I never damaged myself permanently from a result of stupidity but it would make me a little nervous for the next party after I'd wake up the morning before & rekindle as many of the nights blurry memories as possible. I was never a heavy drinker but I would drink far too much for my body to handle & therefore the alcohol effect would hit me a little harder than planned. Therefore, sometimes I would go from stone cold sober to insanely slaughtered!

I also never really been a fan of the taste of alcohol & as I wasn't much of a casual drinker it would hit me pretty fast. I would make sure to drink anything in my will power (possibly even alcoholic mouth wash) just to get myself in a drunken state. I never once enjoyed the taste of such vulgar concoctions I'd create but for me it was a rushed process to get to the sloshed destination. However, to this present day I can firmly salute to a gin & ginger beer cocktail! But.. never solely drink gin on a night out ladies & gentleman as I can tell you that you barely make it through the next day.. My GOD. 

I haven't written off alcohol altogether, it's just that I prefer to enjoy a couple of drinks here & there & of course much prefer a bar situation that a hardcore club. I was never really into clubbing- I'd always find myself having panic attacks from the sardine like packed clubbers & the heavy bass pretty much vibrating & exploding your organs. It just was never my scene! & if a club is mentioned on a night out I begin to throw myself into a panic in preparation for what is ahead. Plus, you then have to pay a small fortune in entry to enter such a hell hole.. no thanks hun.

Bars for sure are my perfect cup of tea, you have a few drinks, get a little giddy & you can hear each other in conversation rather than shouting & battling over the sound of some club remix. & even better if there is some sort of 'dance floor' where you can fling yourself around without ending in a mosh pit or someone else's drink. I may sound like an absolute bore but I personally find this scenario for a night on the town far more appealing! .. You can still end by hunting down some cheesy chips, which taste blaaady incredible & of course signify the end to a cracking night!

.. & that is why I've decided to calm it Kermit & give it a rest with the messy party girl theme. 

Pinafore- Topshop   Boots- Primark   Top- River Island
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