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Giving Up The Messy Party Girl

I missed another week of blogging.. I'm sorry- sometimes I just can't quite put finger to keyboard & therefore have nothing to give for a fresh new blog post. However, today is the day I've got my mojo back & I'm feeling prepped to type this little beast of a post out, so sit back, grab a cuppa & something sweet/tasty to munch on whilst you sink your teeth into this little chunk of a post..

For some time now the reality has hit me hard that I'm pretty much done with the whole 'partying' lifestyle. At 25 I can safely say I've put my little party animal self to bed & I would much rather a calmer Friday/Saturday night lined up than something a bit more hardcore. I mean, I was never an absolute machine on the dance floor, necking 25798269 kazillion shots at the bar & zigzagging home at the early hours of the morning.. but I did like a drink or two too many.
To be completely honest I was never the best at handling my alcohol & quite oft…

Why Uni Was A No Go

I get asked a lot whether I attend University (Uni) & quite simply the answer is no. Why didn't I choose to go to Uni? Well, it's purely because it wasn't the right decision for me & I guess therefore I felt why waste my time & money on something that I knew wasn't the 'right path' to take. That doesn't mean to say I don't agree with the option of Uni for other A Level graduates that are unsure whether to take the plunge & enroll in a University course, it just means I chose the decision to stray away from further education & focus solely on experience for my career. 

If you've stuck around for a little while you may know that I work professionally as an Actress & most fellow Actors are likely to have opted for a Drama School or University Drama Degree. I chose to be stubborn & take none of the above, meaning I experienced both the pros & cons of not furthering my education & skill sets. Do I regret that stubborn d…