Unwritten Rules of Seasonal Fashion

Have you ever felt like you shouldn't wear a certain item of clothing just because of the season? For example knitwear shouldn't be worn in Summer? Or sandals shouldn't be worn in Winter? But my question is, why the hell not? Minus the factor of the weather & current trends, why does there seem to be an unwritten rule about crossing & mixing up the seasonal wardrobe?

Personally I'm a little of a hesitant dresser when it comes to the transitional period into each season & I almost like to wait for someone else to make the first move on the bare legs, short skirts & no jacket decision. It's almost like I'm not confident enough to decide 'Yep, today I'm going to wear no tights because the weather's half decent'. Instead I have to wait for the indication from a complete stranger who's dedicated themselves with the choice of baring their pins or opting for a no jacket scenario.

Which is absolutely bonkers when you really think about it!?! Why, oh why can I not decide for myself that it's officially Spring, therefore it's acceptable to wear less clothes (within reason now) & to uncover those parts of my body (again.. within reason) which have been smothered & hidden away for months during Winter. But then again, why do I have to feel the need to wait for Spring before making this decision on my clothing choices?

 Pretty much 100% of the time throughout Autumn & Winter I had my ankles bare & exposed to the elements, even in the snow but that's just because I wear MOM jeans that graze just past my calf. I didn't plan to keep my ankles so exposed, it's just the style of jeans I prefer on my body & I even found that whilst flashing this part of flesh on my leg, I was still as snug as a bug in my chosen jeans. I had my fair share of comments about my ankles becoming icicles but I was pretty content. I never really felt the chill & that's why I carried on with my trusty MOM jeans throughout!  

I'm always quite self conscious if I find myself wearing sandals a little too early in the year. Sandals are traditionally worn throughout warmer climates & therefore ideal for Spring & Summer but what says they can't be worn throughout Autumn & Winter? Obviously, during the absolute bitter cold days they wouldn't be the best idea but for milder weather there is absolutely no harm? My personal preference would be teaming up a pair of fish net socks or perhaps a pair of glittery ones to match with your chosen sandal just to keep those toots a little cosy. 

    & again, knitwear! What harm is knitwear in Summer? Each body is so individual that we feel the cold differently. I'm 90% of the time freezing & therefore love a good bit of layering to wrap up with, which means knitwear for me is ideal all year round. Obviously you can advise from the heat what thickness to opt for as you can get some insanely gorgeous light knitted pieces to see you through each season or some really chunky f*ckers for the colder occasions.

Oh, & also hats. I know there are a ridiculous amount of different styles of headgear available at our finger tips, but when we had our mini heat wave in the UK (RIP you beautiful thing) I decided to wear my baker boy for a couple of the days. But it felt wrong?! I don't have a clue why it felt so disgustingly wrong.. because it's a hat. I even asked my boyfriend if I can wear such a hat in the warmer weather, but surely there's no rule about when to wear a baker boy? You can wear caps in the Winter & they're designed to keep the sun from glazing into your eyes, so why not wear a baker boy in the sunshine just because they became so popular in the Winter. 

But why does it feel like there are so many unwritten rules relating to when & when we shouldn't be wearing certain garments? It's very peculiar & something that I've been toying with recently. I think that trends play a pretty hefty chunk of these 'unwritten rules' seeing as they're the foundation to a lot of styles & seasonal 'must haves'. Trends are definitely key for me when it comes to styling as quite often these can be recycled silhouettes, styles & designs from decades ago but now with a modern twist. As I'm a huge fanatic of retro styling.. this is just pure dreamy. 

But it's also refreshing to step away from the trends & work out what is right for you & your personal style. This way, you can break away from the 'unwritten rules' & not feel trapped in a clothing scenario you're just not too happy with. For example, feeling agitated & stuffy in that chunky knitted piece throughout Winter rather than the cooling cotton t-shirt you were dying to wear in the first place. Or freezing your butt off in the Summer breeze whilst trying to embrace the linen, even though you're gagging to just snuggle up with your fleecy sweater. & you'll most likely get questions like 'are you not boiling in that?' or comments like 'you must be freezing' but at the end of the day.. you're all good!

Jacket- New Look   Skirt- ASOS   T-Shirt- Zara  
Shoes & Sunglasses- Primark 


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