It's Okay To Lose Motivation

Oh hey there stranger.. long time no speak. These past almost three weeks have been an absolute mare for me & I do apologize for the absent blog posts. Truth is I've had bollocall inspiration or creativity & therefore have strayed far away from my little make shift desk (laptop dangerously balancing on the edge of my bed whilst I curl /hunch over it from my bedroom floor)& have thought long & hard about what the heck to write about next? But alas, nothing came to my typing fingertips & therefore I shut myself away from the blogging world & retreated to retail therapy & socializing, both of which have made a couple of big old dents in the bank account.. ouch.

So,whilst I was having my little blank episode & indulging in an evening scrub in the shower it came to me like an actual light bulb moment.. you're lacking inspiration, so therefore why not write about your lack of inspiration!? .. Obviously not just plain out write about my lack of creativity at this present time as that would be a pretty dull blog post but I thought I'd have a little virtual natter about how its okay  to lose motivation from time to time. It happens & it also comes back to you in the most unlikely ways & therefore it's absolutely okay.

Sometimes it truly terrifies me thinking that when I lose motivation it must mean I no longer have a passion or thrive for that topic anymore but let's be honest, it's just a brain fart. You may be over run with other ideas else where & so you're just not focused on that project/subject you most want to be focused on. It certainly doesn't mean that you've lost 'your way' or you've no longer got the skill sets to produce some incredible work as this certainly pops into my head on one or two many occasions. You just need a blank canvas, a de-clutter of thoughts & a few hours or even days to chill out & iron out your thought process.

 I also sometimes struggle to grab inspiration from around me as this is always a perfect way to find fresh & exciting ideas.. but yeah, sometimes it's no good either. If anything I find myself even more frustrated that I can't get my shit together & begin writing again. It even becomes a little desperate to seek any type of trigger that will begin producing the 'ultimate' blog post. So desperate so, that I end up digging in the very dusty corners of my brain to see what I can surface. The results? Shocking. I end up drafting a post about some old adulting crap that no one would want to read & I certainly would be embarrassed to publish in an attempt to salvage my abandoned blog.

Sometimes it's best to take a breath, accept that you've got nothing for the time being & spend your time wisely elsewhere. Almost remove yourself from the situation & just step away/ find a new scene to clear your thoughts. It's a bit like when you're trying to find something & you can never seem to find it until you stop looking? Go out with you friends/family, binge on Netflix or Amazon Prime & indulge in some much needed you time because trust me.. IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU. This just doesn't go for anyone else struggling with summoning up some juicy blog posts, it could be for students studying & writing up coursework or dissertations or if you've got a big project to produce for an important meeting at work. It can be for anything remotely creative that needs a spark of inspiration to take it to the next step!

But no single human has creativity each minute of the day flowing through their veins, we all hit that much hatecreators block. But that's okay. I've been tormented by some fabulous bloggers all over Instagram who are pouring out the insanely good content & there's me, sat in my sports bra & pyjamas bottoms, munching on Magic Stars & staring at a blank screen. But hey, that's okay. I'm pretty sure they've also been there & gotten the t-shirt! So I've decided to help me with future creators blocks I'm going to start jotting down any grand ideas that come to me straight away, that way I have a lovely (hopefully long) list of blog post ideas that I can get typed up & published for when I'm not feeling to motivated.

& I guess that's my justification as to why I've been absent from the blogging world for almost three weeks.. I just lost my mojo completely. But I'm back, hopefully with a bit of flowing creativity & about to begin scribbling my 'long' list of blog post ideas whilst I soak in a fabulously long bubbly bath. Laaaaavely juuuuubly! So, if you've too lost your mojo? IT's OKAY.

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