Finding My Feet In The Blogging World

This has really pickled me recently.. where do I stand within the blogging world? I'm not exactly a high flying blogger, raking in thousands of views every second of the day and a following of over several hundred thousand. But does that make me unsuccessful as a blogger? I feel a level of achievement & success however in other fields of blogging that for me I'm pretty proud of..

For example, I'm pretty content & excited to share my sense of personal style on my social media platforms as well as my blog itself. I don't feel I'm necessarily following a crowd or 'trend' with my styling choices & therefore I'm confident with the content I'm producing. I wouldn't say I'm 100% original because of course I'm inspired by fellow Instagrammers & Bloggers who are producing a much higher level of quality content than myself. But there's always room for improvement.. right?

I'm also pretty proud of my consistency to carry on with the old blog. I've kept my blog going for almost 4 years now, which is insane seeing as I'm the most distracted, easily bored girl known to humanity. I could never complete a piece of homework without having a mid mental breakdown half way through due to boredom & losing concentration, so I have no clue how I've managed to type up blog posts for almost 4 years. To be fair, they're not the most regularly published posts you'll find on the web, but they're fairly consistent when I sit down & sort my shit out. So yeah, I'd say that's something for me personally to be proud of as a blogger!

I'd also happily chat about my blog to a complete stranger, which a massive jump for me within confidence to share my work & creativity. Again, it's not the best out there but it's certainly pretty top class for me as a freelance blogger. I now tell strangers (.. well, not complete strangers you'd see on the streets) who I meet that I blog and that I do in fact refer to myself as a blogger, which about a year ago I'd be far to shy & horrifically uncomfortable to take that title. 

Quite often this sentence is responded with a 'How many followers do you have?', which for me can sometimes be a kick to the teeth. It shouldn't be about the following you grow as a creator but more the content you share? I know that sounds like a massive cheese ball but over the years my content has become far, far stronger & I'm much happier with what I produce. A few years back I was taking photos on my iPhone 4, all blurred & distorted, no thought into investing into a half decent camera or spending time structuring my blog itself. 

I also wrote the lamest posts possible. I kid you not- my posts used to be big old descriptions of the outfits I'd thrown together, the majority being Tosphop as I was a full time sales assistant so therefore I lived & breathed the brand. But the content was so so poor, it had no thought, no passion & no meaning to it & therefore pretty darn pointless. You could have just clicked onto the Topshop website & they would have described my outfit better than I did in those garment description boxes.

Therefore, in conclusion to my blog post 'Finding My Feet Within The Blogging World' I can confirm I'm just about finding them. I'm taking grasp of my own personal method of blogging & content sharing & therefore going at it my own pace. I'm a bit of a messy worker & I feel my most creative this way. I'm totally in ore of the fellow bloggers out there but unfortunately I don't have an Instagram theme running throughout with some of the most gorgeous candid photo's going, I don't have some incredible camera magician to help me with my outfit of the days & I don't have all the time of the day to dedicate to my blog due to working (boooo!). But I'm giving it a good shot & I enjoy the freelance side to blogging. 

Although I've been blogging for a little while now I can safely say only up to a year an a half ago I'm really establishing a theme to my blog & creating posts that really have a bit of meat & depth to them for once. Before then, I'd admit that my blog was pretty meaningless & now I've actually begun to put a little thought into what I'm typing out it's beginning to attract a lot more attention. Therefore, it's encouraging me to think of fresh ideas for posts & if my creativity bank is empty then I'll miss a day of publishing rather than posting some old daft pointless crap that I've summoned up out of nowhere.

Who knows - one day I may be able to dedicate a lot more time into my social media & blog & therefore up my game to a better standard but for now I'm happy plodding along. I've yet to crack on with my YouTube as this has been eating away at me to sit down & start recording videos again. Anyone else set themselves a day to complete a goal but then wave at it as it comes, goes & passes by? Yup. But until then, I'm constantly on the hunt to discover new blogs, ideas & creators via my little stalking sessions on Insagram (I'm not a creep I promise).

Shirt- Forever 21     Jacket- Topshop    Flares- Nasty Gal
Baker Boy- ASOS     Shoes- Vans


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