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Unwritten Rules of Seasonal Fashion

Have you ever felt like you shouldn't wear a certain item of clothing just because of the season? For example knitwear shouldn't be worn in Summer? Or sandals shouldn't be worn in Winter? But my question is, why the hell not? Minus the factor of the weather & current trends, why does there seem to be an unwritten rule about crossing & mixing up the seasonal wardrobe?

Personally I'm a little of a hesitant dresser when it comes to the transitional period into each season & I almost like to wait for someone else to make the first move on the bare legs, short skirts & no jacket decision. It's almost like I'm not confident enough to decide 'Yep, today I'm going to wear no tights because the weather's half decent'. Instead I have to wait for the indication from a complete stranger who's dedicated themselves with the choice of baring their pins or opting for a no jacket scenario.
Which is absolutely bonkers when you really think about…

Finding My Feet In The Blogging World

This has really pickled me recently.. where do I stand within the blogging world? I'm not exactly a high flying blogger, raking in thousands of views every second of the day and a following of over several hundred thousand. But does that make me unsuccessful as a blogger? I feel a level of achievement & success however in other fields of blogging that for me I'm pretty proud of..

For example, I'm pretty content & excited to share my sense of personal style on my social media platforms as well as my blog itself. I don't feel I'm necessarily following a crowd or 'trend' with my styling choices & therefore I'm confident with the content I'm producing. I wouldn't say I'm 100% original because of course I'm inspired by fellow Instagrammers & Bloggers who are producing a much higher level of quality content than myself. But there's always room for improvement.. right?
I'm also pretty proud of my consistency to carry on wi…

It's Okay To Lose Motivation

Oh hey there stranger.. long time no speak. These past almost three weeks have been an absolute mare for me & I do apologize for the absent blog posts. Truth is I've had bollock all inspiration or creativity & therefore have strayed far away from my little make shift desk (laptop dangerously balancing on the edge of my bed whilst I curl /hunch over it from my bedroom floor)& have thought long & hard about what the heck to write about next? But alas, nothing came to my typing fingertips & therefore I shut myself away from the blogging world & retreated to retail therapy & socializing, both of which have made a couple of big old dents in the bank account.. ouch.

So,whilst I was having my little blank episode & indulging in an evening scrub in the shower it came to me like an actual light bulb moment.. you're lacking inspiration, so therefore why not write about your lack of inspiration!? .. Obviously not just plain out write about my lack of creati…