From Blonde To Brunette

If you're new to my blog & somehow stumbled across this weird & wonderful online place of mine then a big old congratulations to you! I basically used to be blonde. Obviously if you've stuck around for a little while (my GOD you are beyond brilliant!)then you'll obviously be fully aware of this as most of my outfit shots had evidence of me sporting a blonde barnet.

These two hair colour choices are pretty contrasting & I know when I first considered going blonde I had a lot of worries & doubts when it came to using bleach on my fresh virgin hair. Okay, I'd mucked around with a couple of brown toned hair dyes before but never anything as harsh as bleach. So therefore I thought I'd write a little post all about my experience from originally dying my hair blonde to recently trading back to my roots (no pun intended) & going back brunette. 

Firstly, I know this sounds a little patronizing but honestly it's definitely beneficial! PLEASE don't attempt to bleach your hair for the first time by yourself as it's such a harsh chemical to apply to your hair & can easily go completely tits up. I've had many experiences of dying my ex-roomies hair from a brunette to a white tonic bleach & it wasn't a pretty sight. I was pretty lucky to have my bestfriend train as a hairdresser & therefore she took me slowly through the process of dark to light. What started as a full head of highlights gradually became fuller & fuller in terms of block blonde & that way my hair was healthy & happy to be bleached here & there.

I'd also been using salon products to care for my locks during the process & even through to this day, which I think contributed a lot to keeping my hair moisturized & lively as bleach makes your ends especially super dry. I've always bought my conditioner from & when I was blonde I would purchase purple shampoo to remove any brassy tones from my blonde, particular Fudge Urban, which annoyingly isn't available on anymore! I would then either purchase a Redken or Kerastase conditioner to focus on dry or coloured hair repair. I'd try a keep to a purple shampoo wash maybe once every fortnight just because otherwise your hair does end up pretty silvery? So, any drugstore shampoo will do in-between washes as long as you're religious with your pricier conditioner to aid your hair.

Once I moved to a different town than my bestfriend/hairdresser Goddess, it became a little harder to fix a time when we could tame my roots. I had absolutely horrendous roots at one point that when ever I see a photo dating back to that time of my out of control hair I cringe so badly. Not even a cute amount of rootage.. NO. Full. Blown. Horrific. Roots. & to top it all off, I'd attempted to pull off a fringe.. Never let me loose with scissors. 

So, with this scenario I ended up taking matters into my own hands & heading for Boots (for those of you not familiar with Boots, they're a pharmacy in the UK.. not a shoe specialist). I purchased a box of powder bleach (Jerome Russell) for about a fiver & then the separate peroxide (strength 40) to activate the bleaching chemicals. I then knew from experience that bleaching your hair straight from the bottle will cause a gross yellow colour, so therefore I armed myself with a normal hair dye in my chosen blonde tone to throw over once the bleaching process had been completed. I can't tell you how much I was crapping myself that day..

But somehow it worked & with a few odd darker patches here & there that weren't too obvious to the naked eye.. I somehow managed to pull it off?! This was then my routine, a teeny bottle of peroxide, bleaching powder, blonde hair dye & then separating my hair into sections for bleaching. I pretty much went through all the various tones of blonde from my early twenties through to late last year before getting pretty fed up of this constant battle with dark roots & also bleach stained towels.

So.. I thought I'd give brunette another go.

Like my journey going blonde, I hesitated throwing a completely contrasting dye onto my hair & Googled so many different forums about making the transformation. What was the best method? What colour will my hair go? Will my blonde take to brunette? Christmas Eve came & I'd finished up my last bleaching sachet from a previous root job, so I made this the definite decision that I was dying my hair dark. I knew I suited this colour as I was born brunette & had lived many, many years with this tone, so it wasn't a complete unknown zone (oooh aye up rhyming!). 

Once again, I took to my trusty drugstore isle where there were stacked every shade of hair you could possibly imagine before dedicating myself to a particular light brown shade. I read on a forum to go a little darker than your desired brunette as your hair will most likely go GREEN. I mean, I'm nowhere near enough to rock the green barnet look so I had everything crossed that I wouldn't be sporting the look. I made sure to buy two boxes & then that way if I saw the slightest tint of emerald I could quickly re-dye the whole thing. & if not I would be weeing with excitement but then save the dye for the next re-dye session as blonde takes a while to adjust to the new brunette pigments you've introduced to your locks.

I was unbelievably fortunate that my hair resulted in a gorgeous brunette colour with one box dye! I literally couldn't believe my luck. I had my Mum do a quick once over to make sure I wasn't parading around with a blonde streak on the back of my head & that was it. Dried, style & greeting my loved ones with my new, fresh locks! I've topped up the colour about five times since the original dying & it's the colour is now finally starting to hold a lot better throughout washing. My roots are obviously a lot darker than the rest of my hair as they started the journey a dark brunette. 

So there it is! My dreaded journey from brunette to blonde back to brunette. I've had mixed reviews about my new bob, some love it & some prefer my blonde but I certainly prefer my new darker tone. I personally opt for home dye over salon because of financial situations but if I were to start the journey to blonde again I would 100% seek professional help because it can go horrendously wrong. However, I'm stupid & very impatient & bloody lucky that my home dye experiences so far have been pretty successful. Do your research before you make any major decisions & even try Photoshopping your new desired hair colour onto a selfie just so you know you're making the right decision for sure!

Skirt- Newlook     Jumper & Boots- ASOS      Beret- Primark  
Jacket- Topshop 


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