Fighting The Winter Blues

Oh look.. a classic British girl chatting all about the weather.. again! I know, I know, I'm fully aware I comment about about the weather situation a little too often than I would like to but over in the UK we're very sensitive to weather change & we fear the fluffy white stuff, no seriously. So, earlier this week we geared up & wee'd ourselves at the glimmer of Spring, springing itself upon us finally but oh how wrong we were when we awoke to blaaaady snow once again on Saturday morning! I'm an Autumn gal at heart & adore layering up in my snuggliest layers but even I'm starting to crave a little warmth & I'm so desperate to get the old pins out for a little sunshine as they've been hibernating under jeans, trousers & tights for far toooo long! 

I've decided to begin fighting the winter blues & anticipate Springs arrival instead of dwelling in this cold, damp Wintry spell. So, of course that means exercising the meaning of retail therapy & getting myself into the mindset of the warmer months to follow. It excites me seeing all the pastel shades, bold prints, vibrant floral's & short sleeve silhouettes hitting our high streets & planning oh so many different outfits with so many new game changers. I've had to actually hold myself back from splurging a little too manically after payday on Zara & ASOS. Like, literally had to close all of the tabs so that the temptation was removed from my fingertips.

I've also begun planning my Spring/Summer- I'm sure this is pretty standard for a lot of people but I like to try & cram in as much as possible whilst sticking to a budget & hitting up some new adventures. I'm thinking of booking lots of mini trips/weekends away rather than splurging on bigger holidays & then that way I get to see many more places whilst not blowing too much money. It also works better with your travel buddy as booking time off of work with two different schedules can be a little tricky, however if you're taking just a weekend then it becomes hassle free trying to organize time off together. Although I'm craving to gain my deep sun-kissed tan that I was so proud of last Summer, I'm fancying a few more city breaks & cultural adventures instead this year, rather than spending a week roasting myself by the pool. 

Sometimes my paranoia restricts me to be a little more adventurous than I would like to be because I feel a bit too nervous & out of my comfort zone to try new & exciting things. I'd love to get stuck into so many different water sports & activities whilst out of the country but sometimes I just feel too insecure & unsure to put myself out there. Paranoia is a weird & annoyingly frustrating one to juggle as you're so capable of pushing yourself further but you just cant seem to break from that barrier of not being in control & just enjoying yourself.

It'll also be such a breath of fresh air not having to purchase multiple hot drinks each day just to keep yourself warm internally as well as doubling up as a hand warmer. Especially whilst slouching around at a train station awaiting my ever delayed train, I feel the need to huddle over a comforting hot drink of some sort & slurp away, which results in that warm snug feeling inside. Many commuters seem to relate to this ritual from the evidence of a paper cup attached to their hand each morning. Nothing beats warm caffeine!

I'm now counting down the days until I don't have to rely on a heavy duty coat just to keep the bitter chill away from my body. The most annoying part is when you drift from the baltic winds outside into the sweltering shops/cafes & then you have to strip off your multiple layers before you begin melting. But then you're hauling around this big old coat in your arms? Talk about first world problems! Sometimes I like to risk it without my trusty coat & then my Gaaaad I regret my poor decision making. So, I've decided I'd rather be dripping with sweat under a mountain of layers rather than shivering & moody because I'm too lazy to haul around any extra layers.

& finally not freezing my ankles off because I'm too stubborn to wear socks that cover that little gap between cropped trousers & boots. Nothing comes between me & my love for style & therefore my ankles do suffer a little too frequently because I refuse to cover them up. I've had far too many comments about how 'you must be freezing with your ankles out!' well, yes I am, but you see I don't like to help myself in these situations. I think they're starting to grow an extra couple of layers of skin just on that part of my leg because they know all too well how I expose & abuse them to natures harsh winds. But trust me ankles, when the sunshine hits you'll be so happy you fall into that little gap because you'll be so toasty all the time!

Trousers- Topshop   Jacket- Topshop   Top- Zara
Boots- Zara    Lipstick- Mac (Men Love Mystery)


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