Coming Off The Pill

Is this TMI?.. I mean I guess I could go much further & have a natter about more private 'parts' & topics, but uh, I'll perhaps save that for another blog post. Contraception. We all know that famous word from our sex-ed lessons & of course in every day life because lucky for us in the 21st Century it's right at our fingertips. & even more incredibly we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make a choice on the right type of contraception for our bodies & lifestyle. Most commonly among my friends is the choice of the combination pill, which in case you are unfamiliar with is the pill that you take for 21 day cycle & then have a 7 day break where you have your period. Sorry if this is grossing anyone out already.. but it's natural. You'll get over it!

This method of contraception is pretty reliable if taken correctly & you don't end up skipping any of those little coloured pills. However, like every other medication there are always side effects that you should be aware of. For me personally, those side effects are just one of the many reasons I've made the decision to take a break from the combination pill & seek an alternative contraceptive for my body.

Since being in a relationship I'm now a lot more conscious & reliant on contraception for obvious reasons. For me, I gravitated towards the pill without really thinking too much about it & exploring other alternative options. It was the chosen contraceptive for most of my friends & therefore I went with the crowd & thought if I stuck with the pill I could at least confide in my girls for sharing concerns or stories as they would be familiar with the subject. Other than condoms we never had an alternative contraceptive to share knowledge on & therefore shone away from anything other than the two main competitors. 

I've been on the pill 'Yasmin' for almost two years now & I must say I'm pretty much done with the thing. I don't like the side effect warnings, I'm useless at remembering to take the damn thing each day & I'm pretty sure it's mixing all my hormones into one massive drama. Yasmin is renown for it's high risk of blood clotting (.. & other serious health issues that I have just made my draw drop to the ground after Googling) & for someone with heart disease running in both sides of the family.. yeah, I'm not okay with that.

I've never been keen on the idea of providing my body, which is altering my cervical mucus & uterus lining.. like for me, that's a little freaky? I understand why the pill creates these alterations but I don't like the idea of my body being altered internally without my knowing the real effects & if there are in fact any long term risks with conceiving in the future. For me- I'm terrified of falling pregnant at this current stage of my life, there's so many plans & goals I want to fulfill before even considering babies & therefore contraception is of massive importance.

I've also decided that it's pretty unnecessary for me to be on a combination pill when in a long term relationship seeing as I'm only sexually active on three out of four weekends a month (with my period falling on one of those weekends), so why would I be on a full time contraception?

So, I'm now on the hunt for a new contraception that I feel comfortable using, it's not fiddling around with my body too much & most importantly, it's effective. I have since considered opting in for the implant, which I have heard contrasting stories about but it has certainly taken my interest the most. I guess when you hear horror stories about taking medication, you have to remember that each body is unique & therefore someones bad experience might be a fantastic experience for you. I heard multiple stories about condoms & so far (touch wood) I haven't experienced anything near as dramatic as some of the horrors I've been told. It's the same with the implant- I have friends who have found it a match made in heaven & others who felt like it dragged them through hell & back..

I've been told by my Doctor that the implant is one of the contraception that can have its effects reversed pretty much instantly when removed from the body unlike the pill & injection. You don't have to let it run it's course before returning back to normality if you find it's not right for you, which is another reason I'm leaning towards this option. The only obvious factor for not jumping at the implant will be the scaring, not that its humongous but it's still leaving you with a patch of scar tissue. I'm also terribly pathetic when it comes to any medical needles, I say medical because I'm happy as larry to sit & have a needle shoved through my nose or ear for a piercing, but when it comes to a medical reason.. absolutely not a happy bunny. 

I recently have noticed popping up on Instagram these Natural Cycle thermometer gadgets that apparently predict when you are fertile & therefore need to use protection as well as tracking your menstrual cycle. At first, I wasn't convinced- how can a thermometer possibly track when you're about to start bleeding? That doesn't sound too reliable for me. However, I've started doing my homework on the product & when surfing their website I spotted you can have a trial month, which would be super handy as I'm not 100% convinced. Obviously if I end up knocked up by the end of my trial month I'll be able to calculate it's effectiveness..

As it currently stands I'm still on my Yasmin pill but awaiting the end of my 'run' to hopefully move onto a healthier contraception. I guess some can argue that contraption isn't healthy but for me it's a pretty important topic in my current life & the last thing I want to do is let my body become a rollacoaster of hormones that I've fed to it. So therefore, I want to allow my contraceptive choice to be as healthy as possible so that my cycle/hormones/fertility become natural. I was never a regular period girl & pretty much had a monthly guessing game as to when it was due, which is obviously a little irresponsible. Most of the time my period would arrive every two months, which is why I did like the idea of the pill to begin with as it mean't  I knew exactly when I was due on.

What contraception's do you personally rely on & what influenced your choices? It would be really interesting to know why us girls opted for one type of contraceptive & whether they followed their friends as this was the 'known' territory. Please leave any questions regarding contraception or any pieces of advice in the comments as it'll be handy to be able to educate each other on what works for each & every person. Maybe that question that has been buzzing on your mind for sometime could be answered by someone else reading this post. You never know!

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