5 Key Thoughts For The Future

You may read the title of this blog post & think 'why are you worrying about the future & not enjoying the present?' but I can assure you that is not the case at all. I merely wanted to share with you a couple of key points I always have at the back of mind to help benefit me in the future (hopefully.. anyway). The future can be such a daunting aspect of life, what does it hold? Where will I be? What will I be doing? But it's also ridiculously exciting at the idea of not knowing whats in store for each one of us. Therefore, I always try to help aid a positive future for myself & here are just a few little pointers that I find will personally be useful/beneficial for me. I'd just like to also point out that my choices are by no means the correct ones nor are they perfect but they are merely decisions that I have made that I think will help me later on in life.

1. Savings

I bet you're thinking 'well duh, state the obvious!' but this is an aspect of life that has really dawned on me recently to be considering in a lot more detail for the future. It never occurred to me that I should set up & start depositing into a personal pension at an early age seeing as this will be far better for me in the long run. I always just assumed it's one of those 'adult' accounts that will automatically fall into place for me whilst working, but seeing as I've chosen an uncertain career path I realized realistically I should take matters into my own hands. I know I'm a loooong way off of enjoying my pension savings but it's something that I know I will rely on hugely at some point in my life so why not nurture it now? Each month I deposit £50.00 from temping into my pension account & although it breaks me thinking about that chunk of money locked away somewhere, where my greedy mitts can't latch onto it & splurge on a new pair of shoes, I know that it's 100% the right choice. A pension will be my survival kit later on in life, not those pair of shoes I fell in love with for one season.. 

2. Health

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a healthy eating enthusiast & I love a McDonald's a little too often, but I am conscious of my eating habits. In terms of habits, I mean making sure my diet is as balanced as I can make it whilst enjoying the bad stuff as well as the good stuff. For example, if I know I've had a bit of a 'naughty' lunch, which might be quite carb heavy then I'll try to make sure my dinner isn't quite as carb orientated. Sometimes, I can't help it & I'll eat a lot of bread for lunch & follow up with pasta for dinner, but it's not the end of the world. My sweet tooth is horrific, I mean absolutely outrageous! I could scoff my face all day with chocolate, biscuits & cake.. my GOD I LOVE CAKE! 

But again I'll try & limit my portions of these so that I'm not indulging too much too often. I'm pretty conscious of eating at least one piece of fruit each day (I know they say 5 but I'm not that well behaved) & will encourage myself to reach for an apple rather than a Creme Egg.. the struggle is unreal. I'm born into a family who have a long line of heart disease on both sides & therefore I'm pretty aware of making sure I try & help my body as much as I can in terms of keeping it healthy, happy & in good nick. I also make sure I drink at least a pint of water daily as it does absolute wonders to your skin! If it's not water then I reach for the green tea (I've managed to train myself to love the boiled gross'ness) or coffee, occasionally a Pepsi but not too often. This again is another factor to benefit my future, ensuring that by trying my best to keep a healthy, balanced diet it will hopefully steer me away from severe health complications in the future. You never know!

3. Home-ware

Bit of an odd one I know, but home-ware! This was another light bulb moment in the brain where I thought it might be a good opportunity whilst bunking in my parent's place to start collecting nic & nacs for my future home. It's a perfect time for me personally as rent isn't as expensive as it would be once I'm living solo & I know from experience that when you're constantly worrying about ever rising bills the last thing you have spare cash for is to make your home that ever more beautiful. So, I've begun picking up a couple of home-ware pieces here & there & thinking about what sort of styles & theme's I'd love to have running through my future home. My cushion collection is beginning to get a little out of hand but it's all with the best intentions for my dreamy sofa I have in mind once I've moved out, so for now they're stacked on the bed where my boyfriend can moan about them constantly taking up so much space. It's also a great opportunity to find some bargains, especially in TK MAXX & Primark Home & buy those gorgeous pieces you spot whilst they're on the cheap & available. If you have a few spare pennies why not pick up those little home details for future planning?

4. Wall Art

I mean I guess this falls under home-ware but I thought I'd write a little separate paragraph for wall art. It's something that has never really crossed my mind before until I moved out & realized I have nothing hanging on my bare white walls other than a couple of Polaroid photo's that were printed on the cheap. It really does make a house a home when you've got the personal touches & for me it really shows in wall art. Now that I have experienced appreciating the impact of wall art it's made me broaden my horizons & take a passion & interest in different prints, colour's & artists. I love urban style prints, retro prints/signs & art deco style pieces! For me these three categories are the selling points when browsing for prints & of course if there's bold colour's involved, then I'm all over it like a rash.. Mmmm. I also adore a gimmick theme here & there, so anything a little more unusual or ridiculous is right up my street..

5. Skin Care

As years come & go we humans naturally age & the effects of ageing can be seen in almost every part of the body- face, hair, skin, hands & figure. The signs of aging can't be stopped & are a natural process that the human body must undertake but we can obviously care for our exterior shells as well as interior to help slow down these effects & reduce the rapidness. I am a firm believer of moisturizing daily, mainly because my skin is super dry & without my creamy moisture coat applied once a day my skin becomes cracked, dry & super sore. Therefore I don't have much choice but to lavish myself in Garnier Ultimate Body Blends & to be honest I really feel that my skin is thriving in this added moisture coating. It seems a lot tighter & smoother in certain areas & my stretch marks seem to have faded a LOT. I'm also seeing a lot of magazine reports & beauty blogs that rave about moisturizers & the importance of this simple, hydrating goodness in a tiny pot. Obviously in the long run this must benefit your skin from the aging process as you're replacing the moisture that's lost in daily ware & tear with a fresh, creamy layer of hydration?! I can't say if moisturizing (how many times can you say moisturizing  in a blog post girl?) does scientifically benefit your skin, but I'm a hand on heart believer & swear by the stuff! Get yourself a pot & slap it on ya!

Finally we have reached an end to my '5 Key Thoughts For The Future'. 5 different points that I feel personally by making certain decisions in the present will benefit me in my future somehow. Some obviously a little more important than others but on the whole will make a positive impact! Let me know if you have any other key thoughts that are swimming around in your head & that you feel will help benefit your future one way or another. Even if it's a remedy, something that you're collecting/saving or a life choice you've made, it would be awesome to see what you've set aside/planned for benefiting your future. 

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