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Coming Off The Pill

Is this TMI?.. I mean I guess I could go much further & have a natter about more private 'parts' & topics, but uh, I'll perhaps save that for another blog post. Contraception.We all know that famous word from our sex-ed lessons & of course in every day life because lucky for us in the 21st Century it's right at our fingertips. & even more incredibly we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make a choice on the right type of contraception for our bodies & lifestyle. Most commonly among my friends is the choice of the combination pill, which in case you are unfamiliar with is the pill that you take for 21 day cycle & then have a 7 day break where you have your period. Sorry if this is grossing anyone out already.. but it's natural. You'll get over it!

This method of contraception is pretty reliable if taken correctly & you don't end up skipping any of those little coloured pills. However, like every other medication there …

Fighting The Winter Blues

Oh look.. a classic British girl chatting all about the weather.. again! I know, I know, I'm fully aware I comment about about the weather situation a little too often than I would like to but over in the UK we're very sensitive to weather change & we fear the fluffy white stuff, no seriously. So, earlier this week we geared up & wee'd ourselves at the glimmer of Spring, springing itself upon us finally but oh how wrong we were when we awoke to blaaaady snow once again on Saturday morning! I'm an Autumn gal at heart & adore layering up in my snuggliest layers but even I'm starting to crave a little warmth & I'm so desperate to get the old pins out for a little sunshine as they've been hibernating under jeans, trousers & tights for far toooo long! 

I've decided to begin fighting the winter blues & anticipate Springs arrival instead of dwelling in this cold, damp Wintry spell. So, of course that means exercising the meaning of retai…

5 Key Thoughts For The Future

You may read the title of this blog post & think 'why are you worrying about the future & not enjoying the present?' but I can assure you that is not the case at all. I merely wanted to share with you a couple of key points I always have at the back of mind to help benefit me in the future (hopefully.. anyway). The future can be such a daunting aspect of life, what does it hold? Where will I be? What will I be doing? But it's also ridiculously exciting at the idea of not knowing whats in store for each one of us. Therefore, I always try to help aid a positive future for myself & here are just a few little pointers that I find will personally be useful/beneficial for me. I'd just like to also point out that my choices are by no means the correct ones nor are they perfect but they are merely decisions that I have made that I think will help me later on in life.
1. Savings
I bet you're thinking 'well duh, state the obvious!' but this is an aspect of …

Going Long Distance

It seems crazy to think that this time last week the UK was hit by the 'Beast From The East' & the snow mounds began piling up without any sign of stopping. Here we are a week on, with no sign of the fluffy white stuff & so far no frost on my car windscreen in the early morning dash, which is a pretty handy thing seeing as I always forget about the weather elements & then make myself late for work as I attempt to chip away at the ice..

In other news, I'm dedicating this blog post to 'Going Long Distance', which is a relationship post- something I know isn't everyone's cup of tea but something very close to home for me and many others I feel. Let's start with the obvious.. I'm in a long distance relationship. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years (corrrr blimey!) & for the majority of the relationship we have been long distance due to his work commitments.

I'm not going to sugar coat the situation & say that it'…

From Blonde To Brunette

If you're new to my blog & somehow stumbled across this weird & wonderful online place of mine then a big old congratulations to you! I basically used to be blonde. Obviously if you've stuck around for a little while (my GOD you are beyondbrilliant!)then you'll obviously be fully aware of this as most of my outfit shots had evidence of me sporting a blonde barnet.
These two hair colour choices are pretty contrasting & I know when I first considered going blonde I had a lot of worries & doubts when it came to using bleach on my fresh virgin hair. Okay, I'd mucked around with a couple of brown toned hair dyes before but never anything as harsh as bleach. So therefore I thought I'd write a little post all about my experience from originally dying my hair blonde to recently trading back to my roots (no pun intended) & going back brunette. 

Firstly, I know this sounds a little patronizing but honestly it's definitely beneficial! PLEASE don't at…