What Even Is Valentines Day?

We all know what day it is unless you've been living under a rock & somehow have become completely zoned out to the Valentines Day madness. If that be the case then I congratulate you seeing as the mountain of tack, chocolate boxes, fancy bouquets, cuddly stuffed toys & cards so smoochy they want to make you vom are pretty much cluttered in every high street! 

It's also one of those national 'holidays' that are pretty much completely unnecessary & are just another commercial scheme for retailers & other businesses. But never the less, each February the 14th that comes around is still highly celebrated one way or another! I'm in two minds about the whole day, in one way I love the idea of exchanging small thoughtful gifts to love one's just to show them that bit of 'extra' loving & to be fair some of the tack is pretty adorable.

But then again I'm torn with the thought that you shouldn't just celebrate the love you share with someone on just one day of the year. You don't love someone a little bit more just because it's a national holiday? If anything I find Christmas waaaay more romantic than Valentines Day.

I've been in a relationship for almost two years now & we don't really hype up Valentines Day. This is my first relationship & I wasn't sure if it was something we should celebrate just because we feel pressured to make the effort. But luckily we're both pretty 'chilled' with the idea of a little Whats App in the morning & then we're covered for the day.. although I did receive a bunch of flowers last year (hint, hint).

However, I've noticed on social media that a new trend has sprung up like a daisy, which in exchange for Valentines Day is GAL'entines Day, which is just pure perfection. What could be better than to celebrate a day of 'love' with your ultimate pals? Wine, dine & soak up each others company in some fancy doo daa restaurant instead of  sitting alone & dwelling on the whole Valentines Day shaaabang, with a tub of Ben & Jerries whilst enduring the Valentine Day themed evening telly. Plus it's an opportunity to dress up, feel absolutely fucking fabulous & fill your belly to the brim with a delicious meal.. all topped off with the best company!.. Then when you get home you can crack on with the Ben & Jerries! 

Or better yet.. get everybody together, somewhere warm & cosy, order a ridiculous amount of take out (Chinese is my personal favourite!)& over indulge with your nearest & dearest. Absolute bliss right there! Plus.. the Ben & Jerries can make a cheeky appearance once again.

With my pals it's very rare we're all able to meet up for some drinks or a meal etc apart from Birthdays where we make sure we're as available as can be for each other. It's not so easy when you're hitting mid twenties to fit around everybody's schedules as we're all living very different lives now. However, this can be a perfect opportunity to catch some well needed time together & at least you'd know the date well in advance for planning. We're pretty local to each other, which is a massive bonus so it's easier for us to group at someones house or head into town. 

I personally try my best with our friendship group to attend every social event we've planned as I know it's once in a blue moon that we're all available at the same time/date. It's weird to think that over 10 years ago it was so natural seeing your friends every single day for 6 hours at school. Going from seeing them every single day to barely once a month is insane? This is why making plans & fitting our hectic schedules around our once a month meet up is super crucial!

So what ever you may be doing this fine Valentines Day evening I hope you have the best time! I'm cooking up a storm & having sausages, mash, gravy & peas for the third night in a row. I'm literally obsessed!.. Happy Gal/Pal/Valentines Day my chippy chips! 

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