Staying Motivated

 Happy Sunday! I hope you've had a bloody marvelous weekend & hopefully have just polished off a big, fat roast of some sort! I sadly lacked a Sunday roast but opted for a Taco Bell, which was insanely delicious so, yeah a pretty epic Sunday for myself indeed. I ended up heading up to Lakeside in Thurrock (near Essex!), which was a bit of a nerving drive as the daunting Dartford Tunnel came between my little black Suzuki & the legendary Intu shopping centre. However, we got there safely & soundly accompanied with The Greatest Showman soundtrack.. of course.
Lets talk staying motivated. It's something I sometimes struggle with on a day to day basis as let's be honest, I'm not exactly a 'successful' blogger. I adore writing posts, posing for the camera & playing around with editing but it's something I consider a hobby & as I'm also in full time employment it certainly becomes pretty tricky to balance the two. Blogging is something that takes up a super amount of time, time I can't always dedicate to such a craft to improve my traffic or my 'following', which is a bit shit knowing that I am capable of so much more. 
It's also frustrating to have such a reliance on natural lighting when I work from 8:30-17:00 therefore making it almost impossible to 'capture' my outfit of the days, which are my main source of photography for my blog/Instagram. I also work alone on my blog, meaning my angles aren't fantastic & I have no bloody clue what the photo will look like until it's imported onto my laptop (camera screens aren't exactly the most accurate to view images!).

So yeah, I guess you could say staying motivated for me is sometimes like squeezing blood from a stone!

I'm truly inspired by so many different high end, unique, successful bloggers on Instagram/YouTube & knowing they work their butts off to get where they are now really makes me want to dedicate all of my time & effort into my hobby. But unfortunately, I'm still trying to earn a salary at the same time & know for a fact my Mum would slaughter me if I stopped paying rent in order to stay at home & blog! Trust me.. that woman has a bad-ass side you do not want to cross with!
For me at the moment it means I have to suck it up & accept the fact that I'm not in a position to give up full time employment to focus on my blog & work with all the materials I can muster around me. I think by having so many different social media platforms available at our finger tips it encourages me as a personal style blogger to stay inspired by seeing so many trends, styles & fashion tips arising from all corners (Lol.. the Earth's round) of the world.

I'm also not one to 'buy' a following. I see so, so many Instagram pages pop up & offer to sell you packages of 'likes', which is just insane & so weird to me. I also cant stand it when they then message you requesting to view their available bundles.. no thanks babe. If someone follows my social media pages or 'likes' a photo I may upload then I appreciate that person for taking the time to read the caption, maybe even just like the photo for what it is & share a genuine interest for my media. I just don't get why you'd purchase a bunch of likes for £20?.. Odd.
It's the same with those pages requesting you purchase a 'following' package.. NO. Even though the temptation is there, as with a higher following you are obviously increasing the traffic onto your blog/YouTube, I still don't feel comfortable buying artificial followers. I'd rather climb the ladder slowly but naturally, knowing that each 5 or 10 followers I gain are true, genuine accounts who want to read my posts, surf through my photos or just have a little chat via the comments. It works both ways- if I see something that attracts my eye then I sure enough will give it a 'like', not because I've been paid to but because I enjoyed seeing the photo/edit etc.    

The main reason I blog is because I adore it. I never studied anything relating to blogging, so I haven't ever gained experience in fashion journalism or journalism itself. I was always a passionate creative writer in school- I can't count how many stories I would write up on Microsoft Word & then stop 6 pages in & begin another. My Step-Dad would get so wound up finding new document upon document being crammed onto the hard drive & stealing all the storage space, that along with my Sims expansion packs.
But I just had too many stories spewing out & not enough fingers to type them up, I mean they weren't exactly the next Harry Potter but just little novels I attempted to create & pretty soon bore of after a few pages.
So for me, blogging is another piece of creative writing that I've pushed myself to keep updating & posting the 'next chapter'. I've also found myself surrounded by several people who mock or sneer at my blogging & I guess for me that pushed me further to keep my head up & my blog posts alive. If someone tells me not to do something or that I can't, yeah I wanna prove them wrong (insert flipping the bird emoji)
I also find that blogging for me is pretty therapeutic due to the nature of the Acting industry. For those of you who are new here (hello!) I'm attempting a career as an Actress & therefore I find it pretty mentally encouraging to have a side project, my blog. It's somewhere I can be creative, showcase another interest of mine & explore a whole new community outside of the performance world.

So, the conclusion- 'How do I stay motivated'? I stay motivated because I don't blog with the illusion that I'm perfect at what I do & that it will bring me a full time career, no. I blog because I want to blog & because I have all the tools I need to blog. That itself keeps me motivated, not because I'm dragging my heels & making myself write posts on a regular basis, but because I want to create content to share with you.
I also want to prove those people wrong who thought I couldn't keep up with blogging & that it wouldn't bring me the opportunities it has done these past three years (woohoo!). I have been incredibly honored to work with brands & that they have picked me out to work alongside them with sponsored content. That in itself is a mountain of an achievement for me!
& lastly (as this post seems to be turning into another novel that will be discarded on the old computer..) the future of what my blog could bring. I took a journey back to some pretty old blog posts of mine a few days ago & have truly seen the transformation from where I started as a blogger. My photo quality, my content writing & my style has all completely flourished in the past three years & I'm squealing with excitement at the thought of what I could achieve in the next three years. That itself is self motivation. If you're having doubts as a creator.. DO NOT GIVE IT UP. Keep going, fight through the dry traffic spells & do what you do best. 

Jacket- Pull&Bear (Similar One)    Jumper- H&M    Jeans- Topshop    
Boots- Primark (Similar Ones)   Hat- ASOS (Similar One)


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