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5 Things I Thought I'd Achieve By 25

Does anyone else feel a sense of panic for their next approaching Birthday & the daunting aspect of aging another year but feeling like you've achieved the minimal? I'm pretty sure aging is a terrifying prospect because being 'young'& 'carefree' is such a desirable thing & responsibilities are pretty much non existent. I feel we live in a society that sets almost like targets for each age milestone & what we should have set in place by that point in our lives. But reality is.. everyone's circumstances & goals are very much unique & individual & therefore no one's going to have their lives planned out like the next person.

I felt hitting 25, my mid twenties meant I should really have my shit together & let's be honest, that's far from reality. I remember as a little girl thinking at 25 I would most certainly be married, considering my first child & holding down a pretty comfortable career. But as I grew up I pic…

That Friend Who Drifted Away

I'm guessing we've all been in a similar situation where we've had a friendship that's completely crumbled/drifted apart & you've both found your own separate paths, either on good terms or not so great terms. It's life. We've all been there & gotten the t-shirt one way or another & sometimes it's for the best. I personally throughout my late teens/early twenties built a handful of fantastic friendships that for whatever reason weren't solid enough to see through the long term, but were more short & sweet. I'm currently listening to the Titanic soundtrack (it's best not to ask) so this might be a bit of a soppy post.. but I'm trying to keep my thick skin up!  .. In fact we've hit the point where Cal's shooting at Jack & Rose as they're running through a rather flooded ship. Shit's getting intense..

This is my post 'That Friend Who Drifted Away'. It's not a bad or negative point in my life that…

What Even Is Valentines Day?

We all know what day it is unless you've been living under a rock & somehow have become completely zoned out to the Valentines Day madness. If that be the case then I congratulate you seeing as the mountain of tack, chocolate boxes, fancy bouquets, cuddly stuffed toys & cards so smoochy they want to make you vom are pretty much cluttered in every high street! 
It's also one of those national 'holidays' that are pretty much completely unnecessary & are just another commercial scheme for retailers & other businesses. But never the less, each February the 14th that comes around is still highly celebrated one way or another! I'm in two minds about the whole day, in one way I love the idea of exchanging small thoughtful gifts to love one's just to show them that bit of 'extra' loving & to be fair some of the tack is pretty adorable.
But then again I'm torn with the thought that you shouldn't just celebrate the love you share with so…

Rejection.. What A Bitch

Bit of an odd topic for today's blog post, but I wanted to tip toe into the subject of REJECTION. What a harsh word, eh? Even the look, sound & meaning of the word is a little bit painful inside. But yesterday afternoon I received rejection from an audition I had attended a week previously, which in the acting world is a completely normal procedure & a factor we contend with pretty much 99% of the time. However, it didn't seem to be such a kick in the face this time? Now whether that's because most of my auditions are unsuccessful (.. that makes me sound absolutely shit at my craft!) simply because I wasn't right for the role, my look didn't match the character in mind or I didn't have the right skill set this time and therefore I take rejection within my stride. But, Wednesday afternoon when I swiped open that little email on my phone I just shrugged off that little gut wrench & then began planning the rest of my year, seeing as this was for a 6 mon…

Staying Motivated

Happy Sunday! I hope you've had a bloody marvelous weekend & hopefully have just polished off a big, fat roast of some sort! I sadly lacked a Sunday roast but opted for a Taco Bell, which was insanely delicious so, yeah a pretty epic Sunday for myself indeed. I ended up heading up to Lakeside in Thurrock (near Essex!), which was a bit of a nerving drive as the daunting Dartford Tunnel came between my little black Suzuki & the legendary Intu shopping centre. However, we got there safely & soundly accompanied with The Greatest Showman soundtrack.. of course. Lets talk staying motivated. It's something I sometimes struggle with on a day to day basis as let's be honest, I'm not exactly a 'successful' blogger. I adore writing posts, posing for the camera & playing around with editing but it's something I consider a hobby & as I'm also in full time employment it certainly becomes pretty tricky to balance the two. Blogging is something that …