Stripes & Savings

Recently I've been drooling over so many different home interior pieces as I'm super broody to get a place of my own (again) & pour my particular & personal taste on more than just a room that I currently rent off of my Mother.
It may be something so simple but I can't wait to get my mitts on some fresh bedding & pick out new patterned sets as at the moment I'm just sticking with all my mismatched sets that I've had for many years. I felt there's not much point splurging on bedding that will match my current pistachio green walls & floral patterned wallpaper but then clash with my future home.
But now that I've got my beautiful velvet cushions from H&M I'm buzzing to start collecting bits & bobs of homeware! I'm like a big kid in a candy store resisting to clutter my room.
Whilst browsing along Oxford Street a few days ago I couldn't help but gawp at the insanely incredibly retro chairs that lined the walls & corners of River Island. I was so tempted to ask for a price & haggle my butt off if it meant taking a 70's gem home with me!

I've begun saving for a deposit too, which makes me feel super 'adulty' & mature (two things I certainly am not). It is incredibly painful not to touch a single penny of what I've saved even though it's itching at me to think of all the glorious outfits I could purchase..
But I know it will be unbelievably worth it in the future when hopefully I've managed to save up enough for a deposit & begin a life elsewhere, somewhere new, exciting & thrilling seeing as I've lived in the same area pretty much my entire life.
Ever since touring the UK I've had the urge to pack up & leave the South for a town/city where no one knows me & you can almost start from fresh? Not that I'm running away from the life I have down here but I just feel like it'll be an awesome experience to throw myself in the deep end & waaaay out of my comfort zone.
Manchester is certainly a city I can see myself residing in, after touring up there for a few weeks before Christmas.I fell hard for the city & adored the buzz it had! I found myself wondering around alone for 7 hours, exploring & just taking in the city life, as it's a little like London but without the hectic rush.
I'm also a complete sucker for exposed brick detailing & black window frames.. mmm.
Who knows! I'll just have to keep my will power alive & fight the urge to splurge my deposit money. My GAAAD it is not easy! 

Any other suggested cities/towns that a mid-twenties girl could reside to?

Dress- Monki (sale)   Jacket- Pull&Bear (sale)   Hat- H&M
Boots- ASOS


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