Smear Test, Fear Test

I wanted to talk about something that has become largely talked about recently in the female society. Smear Tests! Something we may completely fear or take with a pinch of salt along with other health checks. It's something that absolutely terrifies me & I can't decide whether that's because of the idea of revealing my most private part of my body to a complete stranger or it's the possibility of discovering a health problem.
Turning 25 symbolized that as a UK citizen I would now be eligible for free smear tests, which would detect any in-formalities that could be linked to cervical cancer. I knew this milestone was approaching & it was a thought that was always shoved to the back of my mind until the day when I knew I would have to face it.
Having a smear test health check free of charge is one of the most incredible NHS benefits because it's something so simple that could possibly save your life. Therefore I know I would be completely stupid & irresponsible not to take advantage of this benefit but it still brings me absolute terror at the thought of sitting through a smear test. I know I sound like a dick.

The ridiculous part is that I've had waxes 'downstairs' & never had a problem with someone removing unwanted hair, so why on earth is a smear test any different? I have a feeling that I'm more petrified of the possibility of there being a problem rather than the procedure itself. You almost live in this little, snug bubble that is a comfort & no harm can come to you whilst being in this bubble. But reality is that anything (big or small) can prick & burst your little bubble & right now I'm very content & happy in my little bubble. But that's not the real world.. There's also the thought of 'that can't happen to me' which was always on my mind whilst I was growing up, how naive I was because trust me honey, it can happen to anyone at any time. Our bodies are all made from the same components & are all exposed to health problems big or small. Although incredible, our bodies can also fail us at times, which is why I know how important it is to know what is normal for you. 
I remember once finding a lump in my breast & completely falling apart at the thought of the many different outcomes. But I know this is how my paranoid mind works, if there's ever a problem it escalates quicker than a Concord.
After a medical examination I was given the clear for my little lump & was told to just keep an eye on it in case it develops bigger or any other symptoms occur. Luckily, it's been at least 5 years since I had this examination & my lump has remained tiny. But I think that experience has really rocked the boat for me & I live in fear of the 'but what if' outcome, which I know is totally unhealthy.

*  *  *
This is just something I wanted to share with you as I know I'm not alone in the smear test, fear test scenario. 
I've already re-registered at a near by doctors surgery to bite the bullet & get my smear test booked in because it's not worth the worry if it could save my life someday.

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