Reworking Festive Gems

These photo's are a little delayed in becoming a part of a blog post seeing as they were actually taken on Christmas Day, hence the rather dazzling chiffon top. However, I still really wanted to showcase this outfit in a blog post as it was one of my favourite's over the festive period & I feel that it's an outfit that can still be worn for smarter occasions. A little sequins & stars can never be too over the top!
I ended up wearing this sparkly number a heck of a lot throughout Christmas & the build up to New Years as it was a top that was super versatile with jeans, skirts or smart trousers & therefore a perfect addition to my 'celebratory' wardrobe.
I paired it up with a pair of bleached Mom jeans for our Secret Sandra meal (originally Secret Santa but somehow auto correct liked Sandra better), I then wore the glitzed piece with these wide legged trousers, it was dragged out once again on New Years with a leopard print skirt & I even wore this top to the pub last night with a pair of dungaree's. 

So, as you can see although these photo's are a little out dated from the festive period it doesn't mean that our sparkly, glitzy numbers are forbidden from making a statement outside of the Christmas season.
I recently watched the goddess that is Megan Ellaby restyle her party pieces into many different everyday looks & therefore it inspired me to recreate new looks with some of my much loved fancy wear. It's such a shame that anything velvet or sparkly seems to be kept within such a small time frame from Christmas parties to New Years celebrations that you just don't have enough occasions to wear all of those gorgeous pieces! I'm usually a little hesitant when it comes to biting the bullet & purchasing a few more party pieces in December as I know that the whole shebang is over so quickly that they'll most likely fall into the corner of my wardrobe & be forgotten about until next year.
But with a little inspiration & creativity we can pull these beautiful garments back out of the 'festive period only' pile & spice up our everyday looks with a hint of glam, a little more subtle than they usually would be but still enough to make a statement.
Dungaree's are a perfect partnership with those fancy blouses & glittery tops as they peep through enough to be noticed & admired but not too much to steal the show. Plus dungaree's make me so, so happy as they're unbelievably comfortable for running around with the daily errands & then chilling at home- they're the one piece I feel I don't need to switch from into pyjamas as soon as I'm in the comfort of my own home!
Another fabulous item to really showcase our party wear would be boyfriend/Mom jeans- tucking in our festive wear with a pair of these bad boys, a pair of Converse or trainers & finally, throw on a leather/faux fur jacket of some sort to again add a little something special & sparkly to an outfit but not too over the top.
& why not finish off one of these looks with a bold lipstick? Red is stereo-typically linked to Christmas (especially with gold & silver sparkles) so why not head for an orange or maybe a taupe colour?

Top- Miss Selfridge    Trousers- New Look    Boots- Zara


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